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The leading cash-for-home-buying investment company has announced that it is interested in buying homes across Nevada and Vegas. The company has said it will buy houses in any condition and with just about any issue.

Las Vegas, NV – Alex Buys Vegas Houses recently announced that it was willing to actively acquire homes across Vegas and Nevada. The company also added that, as always, they would buy the home(s) regardless of its condition and location in the city. Also, the house can either be vacant, the owner is going to bankruptcy or filing for divorce, or it can be an inherited piece of unwanted property. Alex Buys Vegas Houses also said that owners can expect the team to make a generous offer, all things considered, and most sales close within seven days of accepting their offer.

Alex Buys Vegas Houses

“We buy houses in Las Vegas and Nevada. Unlike regular buyers, we will buy a home regardless of its condition. We will also buy homes that have been occupied by vagrants and squatters or overflowing with trash. It is our job to then deal with the issue, but it frees the owner from any hassle involved,” said a representative for Alex Buys Vegas Houses.

In the past year, prices for otherwise less-than-desirable homes across Vegas and Nevada have nosedived. Part of the reason is that getting a mortgage has become increasingly expensive. So, most people don’t want to put their money into a home until the dust settles. But homeowners who wish to sell must wait months to get a decent offer. Fortunately, selling for cash is one way for the homeowner to get the money they want in the shortest time without having to spend money on the home, hire a realtor or even wait for months.

Readers can find out more about Alex Buys Vegas Houses by visiting https://alexbuysvegashouses.com.

“We want to give people an opportunity to sell their home for a fair amount without waiting for a decent offer to come their way. In recent months those so-called decent offers have dried up,” added a rep for Alex Buys Vegas Houses.

About Alex Buys Vegas Houses

Alex Buys Vegas Houses is a cash-for-home buying service with a portfolio of homes across the city. The company has, as of late, been working on expanding its portfolio of homes to Nevada.


For more information about Alex Buys Vegas Houses, contact the company here:

Alex Buys Vegas Houses
Alex Wentland
(702) 793-2582
10624 S. Eastern Ave. Suite A-150
Henderson, NV 89052


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