M A H Roofing, has seen its employees constantly perfect their craft in this company’s over three decades of existence. It’s a time that has also garnered them a reputation for being one of the more unique roofing contractors in its part of Somerset County in the UK, something that the company owner says they take great pride in as he discussed the matter further.

The first company characteristic that the company owner mentioned that sets them apart from other Bath area roofers is the wide variety of roof repair services that they offer. This includes doing both commercial and residential roofing work. Their roofing techs are very proficient when it comes to doing everything from small roof repairs such as replacing a few pieces of slate to entire roof replacements. The company’s owner stated that their whole roof replacement projects are an excellent way to get aging roofs watertight and looking good again.

MAH roofing also has established a reputation as one of the Bath area’s foremost flat roof repair specialists. M A H Roofing's crews are proficient when it comes to finding even the smallest roof leaks too. This is something the company owner says is vitally important because even minor roof leaks if left undetected can cause substantial structural damage to a home or business. The repairs associated with this can become very expensive. His experienced crews are trained to identify problems around such leak-prone areas as chimneys, roof vents, and vent pipes. A representative will always gladly come out to a customer’s home or business to do a thorough roof inspection and provide them with a quote for a roof repair by the next business day.

He mentioned that their crews also recognize that one of the biggest concerns that any customer has is what condition their property will be left in when they are done with a roofing project. Customers never need to worry about that with M A H Roofing because its crews take respecting a customer’s property very seriously as they work. This starts with their crews asking a customer to relocate any vehicles or other objects that are at risk of damage during a roof repair. They will even inform the neighbors about the ongoing project to help keep their kids and pets safe and away from the work area. Their crews will also excise caution when working around trees, shrubs, and other greenery as they work, and a thorough cleanup is always made a top priority after any roofing work has been completed by them.

The company owner also feels that it’s very important to be there for their customers 24 hours a day because roof damage repairs are something that always should be remedied as soon as possible. That’s why this company is pleased to be able to provide around-the-clock emergency roofing services. M A H Roofing’s owner says that as soon as it’s safe to go out after a storm his crews will arrive at the home of the customer that requested emergency roofing help. Once they arrive, they will attempt to make any necessary repairs. If the damage to the roof is extensive, they will then secure the roof as best as possible, in an effort to help it remain watertight until the proper repair supplies arrive. He added that in addition to taking pride in offering a variety of roofing services, they make sure they do their roofing work the right way and never overlook the smaller aspects of each job.

According to the company owner, the other home and business exterior services that they offer also helps make them different from other roofers in their area. This reputable Bath roofing contractor specializes in guttering repair & replacement work and the installation of energy-saving insulation too. The company also recognizes the value of excellent customer service, standing behind the work that they perform, and making sure to only use the highest quality roofing materials.

Those in Frome, Radstock, Westbury, Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon, and other Somerset locations that want M A H Roofing services can contact them by phone, email, or by using their website’s contact form.


For more information about M A H Roofing, contact the company here:

M A H Roofing
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M A H Roofing


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