Himachal Pradesh, India based BizIx seeks to provide businesses a comprehensive marketing solution that combines the best aspects of IT and digital advertising into one, all-inclusive package. In particular, the company is keen to help small & medium sector businesses take advantage of the latest advancements in these respective fields to promote, advertise and scale their efforts in tandem with their growth.

BizIx has established an online platform that is capable of answering virtually every user’s requirements, from fashion and accessories to repair services for a wide range of products and more. As such, they provide an excellent opportunity for businesses that want to be discovered quickly by customers in their area, especially since the platform can direct users to businesses that provide related products or services in their area or via online delivery. Furthermore, the company has elected to increase accessibility by launching an associated app on Google Play, and they have plans to expand to iOS in the future as more businesses join their ranks.

To the end customer, a listing on BizIx provides all the information they may need about a business at a glance, including a list of their services, ongoing promotions and deals, latest news, reviews and more. Since results from search engines can sometimes not be up to date or taken over by malicious third parties, BizIx’s listing also provides businesses a quick way to include their pertinent contact details and any other information they believe the customer needs.

The process of doing business in India is growing harder and more competitive by the day, BizIx says, and only organisations that stay up to date with the latest marketing techniques will be able to survive. Techniques that may have led the industry only 10 years ago are no longer applicable, and businesses that continue to rely on these outdated methods are likely to lose ground to their competition quite swiftly.

One aspect of this is social media, which has all but taken over the advertising landscape. While alternatives such as search engine optimization (SEO) can also provide great results, a vast number of customers in India prefer to discover or communicate with new businesses via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on. As such, it is crucial for businesses to build and maintain their presence on these platforms.

As BizIx states on their website, “Our prime focus would be to empower small and medium business establishments, youngsters who are just stepping into independent entrepreneurship and trying to contribute to digital, data economy and employment generation. We believe BiZlx would be a key catalyst to help, promote and scale small business communities to grow and be a part of the next digital data-driven world. We are here to empower your business everyday!”

This empowerment means the process of advertising online and creating a connection with customers will be simplified on the BiZlx platform. With online business made simple, participating organisations can stop struggling to stay afloat and instead focus all their efforts on creating and delivering an excellent product. With BiZlx’s help, they can make use of the most effective advertising solutions without having to make an unreasonably large investment in their marketing budget.

Getting started is as easy as signing up with BiZlx today. Through the platform’s registration page, businesses can add their name (and username), identify their category or industry, add contact details, verify their location (which local customers will use to find them online) and so on to create their account on BiZlx. Once the account is live, they can begin to add all the information their customer may need about the business. The final step is to post attractive deals that will draw customers to their business. BizIx states that this is a key stage since customers who like their purchases are likely to return for more (or refer the business to friends and family).

BizIx’s mission is to make it easier for businesses to connect with their community, and the platform is keen to provide all the assistance they may require to get started. As such, inquiries may be directed to Rajneesh Sharma of BizIx.


For more information about BizIx, contact the company here:

Rajneesh Sharma
Dwarka Kunj,Lower Badah - Distt Kullu (H.P) Himachal Pradesh - India


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