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The Mabra Law Firm, which is based in Atlanta, GA, is offering guidance to car accident victims in Newnan GA on what they need to do after the accident. The National Center for Health Statistics has reported that around 40 million people experience personal injuries annually that need medical treatment, and about 5.5 million of those injuries were due to auto collisions. There are many things to be aware of, such as the state of limitations in the State of Georgia, which places a limit to the number of years that a person can wait to file a claim for damages or even wrongful death. In the State of Georgia, accident victims have two years to file a claim, or they will lose the right to do so.

Ronnie Mabra from The Mabra Law Firm says, “Auto accidents can change your life and the lives of loved ones. The emotional trauma, physical injuries, and financial hardships can be crippling without the proper legal guidance. Our car accident lawyers provide compassionate and dedicated legal services to everyone injured in an accident around metro Newnan. No doubt, filing a claim comes with many twists and turns. If you have questions about your accident, look no further. Our car accident law firm has the answers to your most frequently asked questions here. Let’s get started with learning exactly what you need to do after an auto accident.”

The very first thing to do after the collision is to contact emergency services. This is important to determine the extent of the victim’s injuries and even those of the other party. It is essential to be aware that some injuries have no immediate symptoms and may only emerge hours or days later. Thus, calling 911 for emergency medical services should be the first thing to do right after the collision.

The next thing to do after getting the medical treatment is to get relevant information regarding the other person. It is also important to ensure that the evidence of the accident is preserved. Thus, the third step is to make sure that no one touches one’s car or any of the bits that are on the road. Any of those things may be vital evidence for a future claim.

Gathering information about the accident is another important step to take. With regards to the other driver, relevant information to ask for is their name, phone number, address, license plate number, and insurance firm.

When the police arrive, they will ask questions about the accident in order to come up with a police report. This report may be used in court so it is essential to tell the police about the details of the incident. Later on, it would be possible to ask for a copy of the police report that can be used when making an insurance claim. But it is important to note that if the accident occurred on a private property, the police have little jurisdiction.

It may also be advisable to take photos as these may be used later on as part of the evidence when making a claim. Next is to look for an auto accident lawyer in Newnan and hire an attorney that is reliable. It is essential to hire a lawyer first before contacting the insurance company. This is because the lawyer may be able to offer some advice on what to say or do with regards to the settlement of a claim.

Launched in 2007 by Ronnie Mabra, The Mabra Law Firm serves as a continuation of Attorney Mabra’s lifetime commitment to providing service to various people, his community, and his state. During his many years as a personal injury lawyer, he had succeeded in recovering millions of dollars to help many individuals in Georgia. His success was noticed by the Georgia Super Lawyers magazine, which had given him recognition as one of the premier lawyers of the state.

When requiring the services of a reliable car accident attorney Newnan residents can visit The Mabra Law Firm website or contact them through the telephone.


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