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Boca Raton, Florida-based Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR) is an online resource that has played a lead role in helping many who suffer from drug and alcohol dependency find suitable recovery facilities. The main way that they do that is by having a 24-hour hotline available that can place addiction sufferers in a reputable treatment program as soon as the same day. This service also has done a series of comprehensive guides that relate to drug and alcohol dependency matters. That’s why the service is happy to announce the addition of three new guides to its website including one on rehabs that take ComPsych Insurance.

A company representative says, “The reality of the situation with those that desire to recover from their alcohol or drug dependency is someone will still have to pay for that treatment. As sad as that may sound. That’s why we here at FAR always look to provide resources that include various ways addiction sufferers can pay for their treatments and get them professional services that will help them onto the path of recovery.”

A man in therapy, relieved to have found ComPsych insurance rehab coverage through Find Addiction Rehabs

The representative went on to say that with their latest resource on using in-network insurance coverage for addiction treatment, the staff and writers at Find Addiction Rehabs have authored a guide that takes ComPsych Insurance policies and shows addiction sufferers how to gain the best coverage possible for an affordable rehab program. This addiction treatment resource stated, “ComPsych is one of the largest insurance providers that cater to serving employee assistance programs. That includes providing several insurance benefits such as behavioral health and wellness programs and addiction management services.”

Along the same line of inquiry, their team has also published a newly released guide to using PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) policies for rehab treatment, and that the selection and use of such policies offer the greatest selection of coverage for addiction and mental health treatment in the United States. This coincides with a period of open enrollment for the ACA Marketplace so the knowledge here arrives in a timely manner to help an addiction sufferer with plan selection and successful admission to the facility of their choice for care and recovery. The guide states that PPO insurance rehab is important to cover because so many that have drug and alcohol dependencies are eligible for this type of insurance coverage. It’s a type of insurance that also covers a large network of physicians, doctors, and medical professionals and is more generally accepted than the typical HMO or EPO variety of policies. The guide mentions that it often covers such addiction treatment aspects as medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and medication-assisted treatment.

The last of the recently posted guides to the FAR website is one that has to do with the extreme use of marijuana. It’s a guest posting from cannabis writer Jennifer Gallagher, where the issue of stopping marijuana use is fully examined including actionable ways to reduce and eliminate cannabis consumption. It states that while many may not need a residential rehab facility for cannabis use disorders, the condition can still be damaging to life and relationships for heavy users, and this guide shows ways out of destructive relationships with cannabis and into sobriety. So that makes it an important resource for those seriously committed to finding out how to quit marijuana.

Those that have taken advantage of the addiction recovery resources that Find A offers often have nothing but good things to say about their experience. Marcio Enriquez stated, “Website was super helpful and filled with great information. Dependence vs Addiction was very clear and concise.” Eric R. proclaimed, “Very helpful, they helped me find addiction treatment options across the country within a few minutes, and even let me know how much those cost too.”

For those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions and who wish to find suitable treatment facilities near them, as always, the team at Find Addiction Rehabs encourages any interested parties to reach out via their hotline for further information and same-day placement at facilities across the country.


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