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D.I. Auto Care, a car detailing company based in Phoenix, AZ, has recently published a YouTube video that explains the need for cigarette smoke smell removal from the interior of one’s car. Getting rid of the foul odor inside the car due to cigarette smoke and/or weed smoke is essential not just because the chemicals from the smoke have an unpleasant odor especially for non-smokers and they can ruin the interior of the car due to smoke stains but also the air quality is not good for health, especially for people who have asthma and allergies.

Paul Bagorio, the founder and owner of D.I. Auto Care, says, “Odors from cigars, cigarettes, other substances, and fire leave smoke residue that infiltrates the fabrics and fibers inside the car. The ventilation system of your heating and air conditioning and air intake manifold inside the car may also be contaminated with the smoke residue, resulting into an unhealthy air quality. What we can do is decontaminate and sanitize your air filtration so your vehicle will smell fresh and clean once again. With the ozone and enzyme treatment that we can provide, we can get rid of smoke odor, pet odor, mold, car odor, and many other organic pollutants.”

Cigarette Smoke Smell and Odor Removal from your car Phoenix

Smoke odor removal from inside the car is needed because the smoke from cigars and cigarettes contains several harmful chemicals than can remain in the air or can be found sticking on the surfaces of the car’s interior. These chemicals can be harmful to people’s health, especially with their respiratory system. Getting rid of the smoke odor can greatly improve the air quality inside the vehicle for the driver and the passengers. Furthermore, the smoke and foul odor inside the car can be very irritating for certain people, such as those who have asthma and allergies. Such odors can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

The odor removal specialists from D.I. Auto Care will perform a three-step process. First, they will provide comprehensive interior detailing for the vehicle. It is during this step when the source of the foul odor is removed. It includes steaming the headliner, seats, and carpet, and also the cleaning and sanitizing of the AC vents. They want to point out that some service providers will just provide ozone treatment. The second step of the process is enzyme treatment as a method for pre-treating the car and breaking down the organic compounds in the smoke residues. And lastly, they will provide ozone treatment with an ozone machine.

Ozone is effective for eliminating bad odors because it functions as a powerful sterilizing agent. The way it destroys bacteria, viruses, molds, and organic chemicals is through oxidation as it converts back to regular oxygen molecules. That the ozone becomes regular oxygen after the oxidation reactions is vital to know because ozone can be hazardous to health for both people and pets. Fortunately, the reactions it undergoes with the organic compounds converts it back to regular oxygen.

Founded in 1987, D.I. Auto Care is a company that provides car detailing and other related services in Phoenix and neighboring areas. They are focused on the detailing of cars, motor coaches, boats, trucks, high-performance cars, planes, and RVs. Aside from auto detailing, they also offer window tinting, auto glass replacement, headlight restoration, paint correction, and also mobile detailing services. Company founder Paul Bagorio has more than 34 years of experience in detailing cars.

Paul Bagario says, “Remember that we also offer a mobile detailing service that comes to you. We understand that you’re busy and don’t have time to waste, so we’ll come to your home or office and take care of your car for you. Not only is our detailing service convenient, but it’s also affordable. You won’t find a better price anywhere else. Plus, we use only the highest quality products and materials in our detailing services.”

Those who like to know more about cigarette smoke removal, including weed smell removal, from the interior of a car, can check out the D.I. Auto Care website or contact them through the phone or via email. They are open from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday.


For more information about D.I. Auto Care, contact the company here:

D.I. Auto Care
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