United Dermatology Associates, a dermatology practice in Mansfield, TX, is pleased to announce that they now offer the Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine for removing plantar warts. The Swift machine works by applying a small dose of microwave energy directly on the affected area to rapidly increase its temperature and stimulate the natural immune response that in turn will act against the plantar warts. More information about this and the various services provided by United Dermatology Associates can be gleaned by visiting their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/UnitedDermatology/.

Dr. Jeannine Hoang MD says, “Although we are ever expanding, growing, and changing, our fundamental values and goals are still the same. We are all here to serve our patients and to provide outstanding dermatologic care and premier customer service. Plantar warts are one of the skin problems of the feet and are caused by the human papilloma virus, which is the very same virus that causes warts in other parts of the body. Although the plantar warts may clear up on their own after some time, patients will have to bear the pain on their feet when they walk or when pressure is exerted on the warts. With our newly acquired Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine, we have a faster way of getting rid of plantar warts.”

Because plantar warts are located on the soles of the feet, pressure is usually exerted on them as people walk, run, stand up or make any similar moves. And as pressure is exerted on the warts, they are also pushed deeper and this makes them harder to treat topically because they have roots deep inside that can’t be reached by any topical medication. On the other hand, the Swift microwave therapy machine applies a low dose of microwave energy that penetrates deep into the affected tissue, which quickly causes its temperature to rise. This rapid temperature increase triggers the body’s natural immune response and this works on destroying the warts.

It has been noted that the Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine is very effective in getting rid of plantar warts. Furthermore, it is considered to be a safe treatment because it only uses a low microwave energy dosage that is focused only on the affected area. Some patients who have certain conditions, however, may need to be assessed first if they want to get the treatment. These include: those who are pregnant or breastfeeding; those who are immune-suppressed; those who have a pacemaker; those who have metal plates or pins in their feet; those who have conditions that affect the capability of the body to heal; and those who suffer from poor circulation.

United Dermatology Associates began as Mansfield Dermatology when it was founded by Dr. Jeannine Hoang in 2007. Pretty soon, they expanded to more communities in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Because of Dr. Hoang’s dedication to individualized care and patient education, they had to add more locations with their growing patient base so they expanded to the Burleson and Flower Mound area in 2014 under the name United Dermatology Associates. And in 2015, Mansfield Dermatology formally took on the name of United Dermatology Associates.

Dr. Hoang graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Austin. She then earned her medical degree from the Baylor College of Medicine. Next, she completed her internship in internal medicine at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas and her residency in dermatology at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. She is interested in all aspects of dermatology and regularly adds to her knowledge and experience to learn new ways to help patients achieve optimal health. She is ably assisted by other medical practitioners in the Mansfield office by Ashish Arshanapalli, MD; Mimi Uyen Phan, PA-C; Paige Herlihy, PA-C; Brian Cook, PA-C; Kyla Crispe, MPAS, PA-C; Tiffany Bivens, MPAS, PA-C; and Jason Tharpe, PA-C.

Those who are interested in learning more about plantar warts treatment and the various services provided by United Dermatology Associates can check out their website at https://unitedderm.com/ or contact them on the phone.


For more information about United Dermatology Associates, contact the company here:

United Dermatology Associates
Jeannine Hoang MD
130 Regency Parkway, Mansfield TX 76063, United States


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