Dr. Randy Cale from Capital District Neurofeedback Therapy has announced a seminar for parents in Latham, NY, focused on helping children suffering from anxiety, worries, panic, and COVID-related fears. The seminar is scheduled from 7 PM to 8:30 PM on Wednesday, November 16th, at Blue Creek Elementary, 18 Clinton Road, Latham, NY.

For the seminar, Dr. Randy Cale will be focusing on the actionable “Focus-Forward” approach that gives parents tools to implement into daily practice. Dr. Cale explains, “Often, our efforts as parents to reduce our children’s anxieties end up backfiring. In other words, the more we try to help, the worse the anxieties become. Only with time do we get to see the true effects of our parenting style and by the time the results are in front of us, it is too late.”

Train Your Brain For Better Mental Health And Well Being

He continues, “My experiences with working with families, as well as my work in Neurofeedback, has provided me a unique opportunity to understand the basis of anxiety and more importantly, develop a game plan that can turn things around. Parents need to know that they are not powerless, and that their approach does make a difference.”

Dr. Randy Cale is an expert in EEG Biofeedback mapping and training, also known as Neurotherapy or Neurofeedback. It is a set of state-of-the-art, non-invasive method for teaching the brain to function in a more balanced, relaxed, and efficient manner. At his practice in Clifton Park, he offers an integrative set of mental health services including Neuromapping (QEEG brain mapping assessment), Neurofeedback brain training, Neurofeedback home training, peak performance training for athletes and professionals, adult coaching and psychotherapy, parent coaching and counseling, and couples and family counseling.

According to Dr. Cale, EEG Neurofeedback can help individuals retrain symptoms of ADHD/ADD, reduce the impact of lifelong depression, calming anxiety, worry, phobias, and OCD, and help unburden clients from the weight of trauma and abuse. Neurofeedback also brings relief from migraines and insomnia, can change the life trajectory for autism/spectrum disorders, and help peak performers and athletes discover an inner stillness, ease, and calm in the face of challenges.

Dr. Cale talks about the benefits of Neurofeedback training as a mental health service by saying, “At my clinic, I incorporate the bio-psycho-social model of mental health. It proposes that an individual’s mental health is influenced by their habits, their nutrition, their environment, their social relationships, and more. Our personalities and temperaments are forged by the summation of all these factors that surround us and there is no escaping it. However, Neurofeedback gives adults and children a chance to overcome these influences and develop a healthier and happier brain that performs optimally. As the technology has developed over the years, it has shown tremendous promise for many categories of childhood struggles including anxiety disorders, ADHD, autism, selective mutism, and learning disorders. I urge you to join us on November 16th at Blue Creek Elementary to find out more about the many ways your children can benefit from parenting changes as well as other forms of therapy."

Dr. Randy Cale is a licensed psychologist, author, speaker, and parenting coach who has been a past presenter of North Colonie Elementary Parenting Programs. Dr. Cale has a rich history of authoring and publishing articles, books, and audio-video presentations on his topics of expertise including personal growth, individual development, and parenting. He has also made numerous appearances on local and national TV news channels such as Fox News and NBC.

In his private practice, he helps individuals and families solve a wide array of behavioral and psychological issues. He also speaks across the country at presentations and workshops where he discusses the science behind Neurofeedback. His practice and online coaching services have proven to be especially effective for educators who use his teachings to nurture healthy and effective habits in students and their parents.

Readers can set up an appointment with Dr. Randy Cale for a free consultation by reaching out to him at (518) 606-3805.


For more information about Capital District Neurofeedback Therapy, contact the company here:

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