El Segundo, April 21, 2023: DVEN founder and CEO Robert Hess joined with Team RWB (Team Red, White & Blue) volunteers who are taking an American flag from Seattle, Washington, to Atlanta, Georgia to ride a section of the Pacific Coast Highway on Day 18 of the 50-day journey.

The Old Glory Relay is a national event showcasing the strength, grit, and commitment of American veterans in support of their well-being. Over 50 days of travel, Team RWB supporters will unite to walk, ruck, run, push, and cycle a single American flag more than 4,000 miles from Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA in the 2023 Old Glory Relay.

DVEN CEO Robert Hess with Team RWB on the 2023 Old Glory Rally

According to Team RWB, "The relay is an epic display of patriotism that epitomizes what Team RWB is all about — showing our nation’s veterans that their best days are ahead through a strong focus on health and wellness. Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) exists to help veterans reentering civilian life to focus on building a healthier lifestyle because a strong focus on mental and physical health is critical to ensuring veterans’ best days are ahead."

According to DVEN CEO Robert Hess, "I was delighted to be able to support Team RWB in helping America's veteran community stay fit and healthy as they transition to civilian life and become active members and leaders in their communities. Team RWB's programs complement the resources we make available to veterans through our website at DVEN.org."

Said Hess, "DVEN supports bicycling programs because research shows clear benefits that include improved cardiovascular fitness, stronger muscles, greater coordination and general mobility, and reduced body fat. As with other types of exercise, it can also help improve mental health by lowering stress levels and stimulating feel-good endorphins.

Veterans can join in DVEN's virtual cycling group on the Strava.com platform. Just search for the "Vets Riding for Vets" group.

Anyone interested in participating can sign on to do a segment at https://about.teamrwb.org/old-glory-relay. Participants can walk, run, or bicycle a section of the journey. Team RWB has support personnel and vehicles with the participants along the entire route.

People wanting to support America's veterans who can't make the Old Glory Rally can participate in DVEN's 2023 Be The One car rally from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, beginning August 15, 2023, in Hollywood, California. Details are on the Rally4Vets website - 2023 Be The One Rally.


The Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network Mission StatementDVEN has a Two-fold Mission: 1) - To connect disabled veterans, their caregivers, and supporters with benefits provided by the Veterans Administration and other veteran charities that provide genuine support, and 2) - To play a meaningful role in reducing the suicide toll of America’s veterans.

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