Cyprus based Trust Insurance - Nicosia is pleased to offer comprehensive employer’s liability insurance to businesses situated in the region. The firm understands that the modern economic landscape requires a high degree of flexibility and cooperation, and their insurance packages are designed to incorporate these core tenets.

Employer’s liability insurance is a necessity in virtually every industry. At some point, no matter how careful a business is or what safety precautions they implement, an employee may be involved in an unfortunate accident or similar event at the worksite. Should they suffer an injury or fall ill as a result, the business may be considered liable for the damages. Employer’s liability insurance ensures that the business will be protected in the event this happens.

Trust Insurance

“No matter what your industry may be,” states Trust Insurance, “your employees are not insulated from harm. Many may believe that the only locations that need this type of coverage are factories and other sites with dangerous machinery, but this is not the case. An employee can be hurt anywhere, and you may be held responsible. In fact, it may be wise to consider this an inevitability than a possibility, and we advise you to prepare for such a scenario.”

Trust Insurance points out that local law agrees with this perspective — employers' liability insurance is mandatory in Cyprus. A business that fails to insure itself against legal and compensation costs arising from employee claims may find the responsible parties facing imprisonment and fines as a result. Since this type of insurance protects businesses against any costs pertaining to workplace illnesses, injuries, accidents and deaths (including legal fees), it is considered essential for business in Cyprus.

A business can minimize the risk they face through several means. At one end, the firm says the safety of the workplace can be assessed, following which the business may implement new solutions that improve employee safety. Simultaneously, they can sign up for Trust's Employers Liability Insurance and rest assured that the firm will support them in the event of a lawsuit arising from an employee's workplace-related injury or illness.

Trust Insurance points out that a responsible business will take care of its most valuable assets: its people. In addition to the employees, this includes the business’s owners. Insurance serves to help all parties in the event of an accident or similar incident. Trust’s insurance packages are comprehensive and flexible, even going so far as to offer coverage abroad for residents in Cyprus. The coverage limit can also be defined in relation to the nature of the industry the business is involved in.

Some may wish to understand why this coverage is recommended, especially with regard to the damages an injured or ill employee can claim. According to Trust Insurance, an employee who files a claim will typically require compensation for a variety of issues. These issues may include their medical bills, lost wages (due to an inability to work) and so on. The more serious the injury or illness, the more it will cost to treat, and the bigger the impact on the employee’s life and livelihood. As such, businesses in certain industries may have more risk to deal with than others.

“No matter what your concerns may be,” Trust Insurance states, “we are here to guide you. We cordially invite you to come speak to our experts if you have any further questions regarding employer’s liability insurance in Cyprus or how it can help your business stay afloat during troubling times. Our team will also be able to show you why you should trust us to take care of you and why the Trust Insurance experience is second to none. Reach out to us at any time. We are always happy to take your call.”

Trust Insurance - Nicosia can be reached via phone or email, and the company is active on social media. Those interested in learning more about the firm’s insurance solutions are also welcome to visit the official Trust Insurance website to get started.


For more information about Trust Insurance - Nicosia, contact the company here:

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