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Exclusive Rehab Hawaii has announced the release of 3 new resources for patients seeking support on their recovery journey. Exclusive Rehab Hawaii, a renowned treatment center located on the Big Island, is committed to providing top-notch, holistic treatment for all its patients. These new resources will help patients understand more about managing their recovery, including information on using insurance for rehab, alternative treatment options for California-based residents, and a guide to alcohol detox.

The facility offers holistic treatment for patients battling drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, anxiety and PTSD, and dual diagnosis for co-occurring mental disorders and addictions. They provide safe and comfortable detox for patients dealing with chemical dependencies, as well as naturopathic therapies. They are proud to offer Non-12-step treatment for all their patients, recognizing that a “one-size–fits-all” approach is not beneficial for everyone. They use a variety of evidence-based therapies to assist clients in spiritual, physical, and mental breakthroughs, including nutritional therapy, healing the body and nervous system, nature immersion, yoga, bodywork, mindfulness techniques, mental health therapies, personal development, EMDR therapies (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – highly effective treatment for PTSD), and concierge IV infusions.

Choosing the best insurance for rehab can help those seeking help for substances of any kind

“We are a luxury rehabilitation center located in a beautiful environment where we focus on healing a broken spirit,” says a company spokesperson.

Insurance can be a huge roadblock to people seeking addiction recovery. This is why The Exclusive has published a new guide on using an insurance that best covers rehab costs. The guide discusses how to select insurance that will reduce obligations for the patient. In terms of which insurance policies are accepted, they accept both in-network and out-of-network insurance from major companies. They also accept private pay insurance.

“We don’t want to let insurance stop patients from getting treatment,” the facility spokesperson continues, “This resource will demystify the insurance process to help patients make the right decisions for their treatment.”

In addition to having insurance to cover treatment, finding the right treatment center can be a difficult process. Successful treatment is a combination of therapy, setting, and support. While California has more drug and addiction rehab centers than any other state in the country, many of these facilities don’t offer the level of luxury, therapist expertise, or exclusivity that Exclusive Rehab Hawaii has. For California residents seeking treatment options outside of the state, Exclusive Rehab Hawaii can be a good fit. Listed as one of the top California rehab alternatives, The Exclusive is just a short plane ride away for Golden State residents. The second resource shows why Exclusive Rehab Hawaii can be the ideal spiritual retreat for Californians on their recovery journey.

“Hollywood and Los Angeles are places where addiction has been normalized on many levels,” says their spokesperson. “Many California residents want treatment outside of that toxic environment, so our facility is a great getaway for them. Out here there are no giant corporate buildings, no drug or sex rings, no bars or dispensaries to get trapped in. There are no outlets for compulsive addictive behavior. Our facility is 100% designed to immerse our patients in the healing experience.”

The remoteness and exclusivity of the rehab center make it ideal for people in recovery, especially those with alcohol addiction. Alcohol use is laced through society’s culture. It’s normal to get a couple of drinks after work with coworkers or to drink a bottle of wine at home with dinner. Most social gatherings of any kind involve alcohol consumption, and even alone, alcohol is cheap, easily available, and sometimes, easy to hide. This is why breaking the cycle of alcohol abuse can be so hard. The third resource published by The Exclusive talks about the benefits of ending alcohol addiction, and why detoxing from alcohol holistically can have long-term success for patients.

“Approaching alcohol addiction through a holistic lens gives patients the opportunity to get to the root of the addiction,” says Lead Therapist Eric Wolf. “Alcohol addiction is a multi-layered disease that there’s not just one solution to. We help patients identify the core of their addiction, and develop new coping mechanisms to deal with life’s challenges.”

At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, patients have the ability to heal and overcome their addictions in a unique environment with the help of highly specialized therapists to guide them along their recovery journey. To learn more about their programs, talk to the intake coordination team at (808) 775-0200 or by email at intake@exclusivehawaiirehab.com.


For more information about Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, contact the company here:

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