The Ferguson Law Group has recently broadened its reach to Paradise Valley, AZ. This expansion will give residents access to experienced legal representation for personal injury cases in Paradise Valley, AZ. As a leading law firm for personal injury victims’ rights throughout Arizona, the Ferguson Law Group is committed towards providing residents of Paradise Valley with quality legal advice.

It is vital to note personal injury lawyers play an essential role in providing legal protection for injury victims. Knowledgeable in the intricacies of accident and injury law, these professionals are experienced in fighting for their client’s rights by navigating the complexities of the legal system. Specialized knowledge of the laws governing personal injury cases can protect victims from being taken advantage of by insurance companies or others who may seek to minimize or even eliminate compensation.

Jason Ferguson

Additionally, a qualified lawyer can help ensure that all relevant evidence is obtained, including medical records, accident reports, and photos of any injuries that may have been sustained during the incident. Lastly, these legal experts will strive to get the maximum recovery for their clients, allowing them to access appropriate medical care and other resources necessary for a complete recovery from the trauma of a personal injury.

The attorneys at the Ferguson Law Group understand that navigating the complexities involved in a personal injury claim can be an intimidating experience for many individuals. However, with their vast knowledge and extensive resources available to them through partnerships with some of the best experts in the field — including medical professionals, engineers, law enforcement officers, and more — clients can be assured that their cases will be handled with precision.

With experience in a wide range of personal injury cases, Ferguson Law Group is fully-equipped to fight for its client’s rights and get them the compensation they deserve. For this reason, Ferguson Law Group expanded its specialized legal services to include Paradise Valley, AZ residents. This ensures that all personal injury victims in the Paradise Valley area have access to the best legal representation.

According to data from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, in 2021, there has been a notable increase in the number of personal injury victims. In fact, it is estimated that roughly 10% of residents living in and around Paradise Valley were personal injury victims.

The leading causes of these injuries include motor vehicle accidents, slip, and fall incidents, medical malpractice, and drug-related incidents. Research shows that motor vehicle accidents are Arizona’s number one cause of personal injury, making up nearly 40% of all reported claims. Slip and fall incidents account for almost 20%, while medical malpractice-related incidents have risen significantly over the past few years to represent 10% of all reported cases. Additionally, drug-related personal injury claims have increased year over year, accounting for nearly 5% of all reported cases in 2021 compared with only 1% in 2019.

“Paradise Valley citizens deserve the same quality of legal advice on filing a personal injury suit as residents in larger cities in Arizona,” explained Jason Ferguson. “The Ferguson Law Group Law Firm recognized a need for personal injury services in Paradise Valley, AZ, and expanded their legal services so personal injury victims can access quality legal representation.”

At Ferguson Law Group, personal injury victims benefit from comprehensive services designed to help them seek the justice and financial compensation to which they are entitled. The experienced attorneys assist in various matters, including vehicle accidents, premises liability claims, product liability cases, and more. With knowledge of all aspects- from filing through settlement negotiations or litigation in a trial - the legal team provides expertise and guidance toward navigating complex laws associated with these types of civil litigation issues. Clients can find support when dealing with insurance claims or other contract disputes incurred by the incident. With the firm’s thorough understanding of Arizona state law and its familiarity with courtroom procedure, Ferguson Law Group provides clients with the resources they need to maximize their recovery.


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