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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), a company based in Boca Raton, FL that provides helpful information resources on addiction treatment and how it is being made more accessible for all who need it, has released three new articles. One article is for those looking for OK couples rehabs, particularly on their availability, including various offerings and programs available in the state of Oklahoma and nearby states. The second article looks at how private health insurance can make addiction treatment services more affordable. And the third article provides a dedicated guide to Optum insurance on how it can help people get detox, residential and inpatient rehab services, and more.

A spokesperson for FAR says, “Alcohol and drug abuse can be a major issue for both members of the relationship, as constantly sharing space and intimacy with someone who participates in abusive drug or alcohol use can make it more difficult to avoid engaging in these activities. This can make it even harder for one or both partners to want to seek treatment, and remain committed to this decision once it is made. This may also be the case for those who are avoiding getting help for their drinking or drug use because it may mean they can no longer see their partner. It is for these reasons that several drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs have evolved to offer recovery services specifically meant for treating addicted couples. This is particularly true for couples where one or both partners may not feel comfortable with seeking treatment alone.”

A man and his wife work through issues at rehab for couples in Oklahoma

In the article about rehabs that take private insurance, it highlights the many ways in which insurance can make the services provided by rehab facilities more affordable. And for those without insurance, this guide may provide a useful entry point into learning about the appropriate forms of policy to look for during the current Affordable Care Act (ACA) open enrollment period. The ACA legislation was passed to make sure that all American citizens can find insurance plans they are able to afford based on their income. The three main types of health insurance are: health maintenance organizations (HMOs); preferred provider organizations (PPOs); and point of sale (POS). Some of the leading insurance providers are Humana; United Healthcare; and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Finally, in the dedicated guide to Optum insurance, the FAR team examines the potential for people struggling with an addiction to get detox, inpatient or residential rehab services, and other forms of assistance through the help of their existing Optum plan. Optum health insurance coverage is under United Healthcare, which only offers coverage in certain states. However, Optum Health also partners with certain medical groups to allow it to provide more local behavioral healthcare services. The exact level of coverage that a policyholder will be able to get will be dependent on the specific Optum health insurance plan and location, including what kinds of treatment one is looking for. Knowing one’s Optum benefits will make it easier to find the recovery program and addiction treatment provider that will be the best for one’s specific needs.

Find Addiction Rehabs serves as an online information resource for people who are looking for drug and alcohol rehab programs for addiction either for themselves or for a loved one. The content provided on the website are either expert articles or guest blogs. Thus, the FAR website is not the typical directory listing or directory website that simply lists drug or alcohol rehab treatment facilities. Instead, it provides comprehensive information on different kinds of addiction issues, the various types of addictive substances, and the treatment approaches that can allow people finally get on the road toward recovery. The articles on the website will always focus on the most advanced techniques for helping people with addiction issues.

Those who are interested in Optum health insurance rehabs and other information on rehab facilities and treatment can visit the Find Addiction Rehabs website or contact them on the phone.


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