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Interview Kickstart (IK), a company in Santa Clara, CA, that offers interview prep courses as well as courses to help students make switches to AI/ML roles in top tech companies, offers some of the best rated coaching programs as per reviews. Interview Kickstart has a 4.8 out of 5 from 263 reviews on its Google Business Profile and 4.82 out of 5 from 236 reviews on Course Report. Clearly Interview Kickstart delivers outcomes & students can attest to this. For more information visit

In a review by student Aliya Mussina, she noted that the problems they worked on were well-chosen and the coaches were very effective and provided many opportunities to practice interviews. In addition, she was thankful for the support and responsiveness shown by the IK staff. She also observed that the students need to really exert their best effort if they want to get the best possible results. She was able to get five to six competing offers and decided to join Apple. She expressed her gratitude for the support and confidence that IK had provided her.

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Interview Kickstart offers three types of programs of which two are interview prep. The interview prep courses are customized for 18 different tech domains, including backend engineering, full stack engineering, machine learning, data science, engineering management, technical program management and business analysis, and designed to help students clear the toughest interviews for tech roles at FAANG & Tier 1 companies. The flagship program is the Level Up program, which is also available in a 2 to 3 month accelerated version in the Step Up program.

For the Step Up program, the course curriculum includes various topics: data structures and algorithms, system design, domain course, and H1B visa support. There are various reasons for choosing this program. First, it has been designed by FAANG+ experts. Second, it features live practice interviews with Silicon Valley engineers in real-life situations. Third, one-on-one mentoring sessions are provided with FAANG and Tier-1 technology professionals. Fourth, constructive, actionable, and structured feedback is provided to enhance interview performance. Lastly, a six-month support period is offered for personal branding, LinkedIn profile optimization, and resume building.

As previously announced, there are 18 domains to choose from for the Level Up courses and these are subdivided into four categories. The software courses are focused on: early engineering, Android engineering, iOS engineering, test engineering, front-end engineering, full stack engineering, and back-end engineering. The technology management courses are for: product manager (technology), technical program manager, and engineering manager. Data courses are for: data analyst and business analyst, data science, data engineering, and machine learning. Systems courses are for: cyber security, site reliability engineering, AWS cloud solutions architect, and embedded systems.

Those who go for the Switch Up courses have more than 11 months to prepare and can choose from two options: becoming an AI/ML engineer or an AI data scientist.

Launched in 2014, Interview Kickstart is a new kind of school that provides courses designed to prepare the students for the technical interviews they’ll need to go through to successfully get a technology job or position, or to transition to new domains. The coaches train the students on what they have to do before the interview that will enable them to join a technology company, get a better position at a company, or transfer to a new technology role or domain such as AI and ML. They have already assisted more than 15,000 experienced engineers, engineering managers, TPMs, product managers and analysts as a result of their proven technique for helping students gain the requisite knowledge about the core fundamentals of their profession. Determining how much an applicant knows about core fundamentals is a method used to evaluate the technical knowledge in the interviews. IK also advises students on how to write their resumes and how to optimize their LinkedIn profiles. The typical results for graduates of the Interview Kickstart course are job offers from FAANG and Tier-1 technology companies, allowing their salaries to increase by around 66.5%.

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Interview Kickstart
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