Health4LifeNow, a company that offers a range of curated health & wellness products, has launched a brand-new website. The company’s online store only stocks products that align with its vision of fostering a healthy lifestyle.

A spokesperson for Health4LifeNow talks about what drives it to offer health-conscious products by saying, “You can spend all the time you want remaining active but if you are not fueling your body with healthy food, and supplements that unlock nutritional benefits, you are just wasting precious time and energy. We identified a gap in the market for an authoritative health products curator that people can trust. We have a keen sense of discernment about the full breadth of nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. We are using that knowledge and our wealth of experience to recommend products that we know for sure will help you reach your fullest potential and achieve long-lasting health. When you buy from Health4LifeNow, you can rest assured that every product is going to keep its promise.”

Health4LifeNow Kangen Water Systems & Dr. Mercola Supplements

Health4LifeNow makes available both first-party products as well as curated products from other manufacturers. Its first-party product lineup includes essential oil diffusers, tongue scrapers, a facial massager set, the P3-PRO Sport Trainer Kit, a wireless neck massager, and Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) products. Its selection of popular products from third-party manufacturers is split into several categories including alkaline water systems, health supplements, food & drinks, personal care, health & wellness, health coaching, and virtual training.

Currently, one of the online store’s biggest selling products is its Kangen Water Systems. Kangen Water is a trademarked term that refers to alkaline water produced by Enagic's alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines that have been popular in Japan for over 40 years. Health4LifeNow offers for sale Kangen Water Ionizers and related supplies such as replacement filters.

The store’s range of healthy organic food and drink options includes Sherni’s gourmet sauces, protein bars, protein powder, groceries such as organic tea products, and Perfectly Pressed’s range of oils. Its personal care lineup includes bath & body items such as deodorants, essential oils, body wash & soaps, and body lotions & cream, essential items such as feminine products, and Esthetic Cotton, oral health products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, oral rinse, and dental floss, and hair & skin products such as facial treatments, cleansers, and moisturizers.

The health supplements that Health4LifeNow recommends that its customers try, include those that support immune health, brain health, bone & joint health, and digestive health, provide essential antioxidants to the body, and help them embrace the KETO diet. The store also recommends health supplements from natural health expert Dr. Mercola, a well-regarded proponent of alternative medicine who markets his brand of wellness products and medical devices. The store says that Dr. Mercola’s vitamins and supplements are especially popular with its customers.

Health4LifeNow also conveniently categorizes products based on the intended use for health & wellness such as products for kids’ health, vision health, sleep health, heart health, mood & stress management, energy production, menopause health, prostate health, and liver health. For those customers who need a little guidance on the best Health4LifeNow products to help meet their health goals, the company also offers health coaching from a professional who will create a personalized health plan for the individual. The store can also help its customers get in touch with a health coach who exclusively utilizes the ancient secrets of Ayurveda to address their health concerns.

Moreover, Health4LifeNow also stocks products that can help with general nutrition, blood sugar & weight management, and targeted health & pain management. Finally, the store also offers virtual training crafted by Redline Athletics Canada, a fitness company that offers strength and conditioning training for athletes and non-athletes.

Readers, who have questions about the deals that the company offers and the products that it currently has in stock, can contact Health4LifeNow at the phone number 647-624-LIFE (5433) or the email address


For more information about Health4LifeNow, contact the company here:

(647) 624-5433
40067-489 Broadway Ave
Orangeville, Ontario L9W 0A7


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