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Jay Vics’ Meet The Experts podcast recently interviewed Jeff Schemansky, the founder of Emergency Medical Form, a platform that saves lives by making it easy for first responders to find out patients’ critical medical information.

Emergency Medical Form solves one of the most persistent challenges that many emergency healthcare providers such as EMTs, paramedics, nurses, doctors, and dispatchers face even today. Since medical emergencies arrive unannounced and the degree to which they may debilitate the individual varies greatly, first responders may not be able to get the full picture of the patient’s full medical history. Emergency Medical Form solves this problem by allowing users to fill out this information in advance and makes it accessible to medical service providers in their time of need, regardless of whether the patient is responsive enough to answer the paramedics’ questions.

In the podcast, Jeff, a firefighter paramedic from Michigan with over a decade of experience as a first responder, discusses why Emergency Medical Form’s combination of web-based software, mobile app, and printed products is proving to be so beneficial to saving lives. The platform has two components – a printable form that can be stored in a magnetic pouch and an online version. The former is designed to be easily visible in frequently accessed areas of the home, such as being attached to a fridge. The online form on Emergency Medical Form's website can be shared digitally and even supports multiple profiles for different family members. Since the questions in the form are based on standardized medical assessments, the forms help first responders administer the correct emergency medical procedures based on each patient’s needs.

Jay Vics talks about the EMF app and website by saying, “It is truly fascinating how the clever use of technology can save lives. EMF is one such service and I’m extremely thankful to its creator, Jeff Schemansky for bringing it to life. One of the advantages of producing the Meet The Experts podcast is that I get a chance to highlight the stories of innovators such as Jeff who are using their skills and resources to address pressing real-world issues. It was a pleasure to pick his brain about his company’s concept and to learn more about how it has made an impact. Please check out the podcast if you are curious about Emergency Medical Form. We also urge you to sign up for the platform if you suffer from medical conditions that make you especially vulnerable to the problem that the company is trying to solve. This is where you can watch their episode.”

Jeff Schemansky goes on to share how EMF’s services have been enthusiastically adopted in his local community, especially by seniors at assisted living facilities. Jeff’s plans for EMF’s future include turning it into a household name that is just another component of a family or individual’s healthcare toolkit, like a first aid box. Jeff also explains how digital marketing on popular social networks such as Facebook and Tik Tok has helped him get the word out about his company’s services. Finally, towards the end of the podcast, Jeff details how EMF remains HIPAA compliant, one of the most frequently asked questions about his company.

Jay Vics’ Meet The Experts video podcast publishes short engaging episodes that provide business owners and subject matter experts with a place to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. The project was born out of Jay’s work for HowTo.Agency, the training, coaching, and consulting side of his other venture - JVI Mobile Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency. Jay, a serial entrepreneur, and digital marketing coach has over 20 years of experience in web development, sales & marketing, and business development. JVI Mobile Marketing’s digital marketing services include lead generation, SEO, content marketing, web design & development, and reputation management.

The interview, which aired live on YouTube on November 17th, can still be viewed online. Readers can also connect with Emergency Medical Form on Facebook to find out more about the platform.


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