France based supplement expert Synergia is reaching out to those who need help achieving the right biochemical balance in their bodies. Drawing from nearly 30 years of scientific research into holistic practices and the internal biochemistry of the human body, the company is ready to share the results of their findings with the world, enabling customers around the globe to get more active, sleep better and more. See more about the company, their mission and their products at the following link:

A quick visit to the company's official website immediately showcases three magnesium supplements they are extremely proud of, namely the CALM box, ENERGY box and the SLEEP box. This naming scheme is meant to be direct and intuitive, so anyone looking to calm down and relieve stress is recommended the CALM box, those who need a quick boost of energy can use the ENERGY box, and the SLEEP box does exactly as advertised as well — it combines California poppy and the company’s unique magnesium for maximum restfulness.

Those unfamiliar with such supplements may simply use these labels to make their purchases and get the desired effect. However, Synergia takes a great deal of pride in their work, and they know their community is always hungry for more information on how these boxes are crafted and what manufacturing principles went into their creation. Fortunately, the company is only too happy to oblige, and they have published many resources sharing insight on these products and their various effects.

To begin with, the CALM box can relieve stress and reduce fatigue — without imbuing the user with any more energy than they want or inducing a soporific state that causes them to want to sleep. A careful balance is struck here, fine-tuned by Synergia’s world-class team. Customers are advised to take one tablet every morning to assure a full day of serenity and sense of well-being. According to the company, the ingredients are the secret behind this effect; combining a proprietary blend of 3rd generation magnesium, taurine, arginine and B-vitamins to produce this feeling. Further, these ingredients work harmoniously with one another, enabling the body to absorb them quickly, thereby leading to a quick reduction in stress.

Similarly, the ENERGY box is tuned to give users a swift boost of caffeine-free energy and a sense of vitality without going overboard. This tablet can be taken on the move and at any time of day, making it useful in a wide variety of scenarios that would benefit from a burst of energy. Synergia says their customers are already using the box to help them tackle stress more proactively, get ready for intense work or study sessions and even prepare for a good workout. Its quick-acting ingredients mean it takes less than 30 minutes to have an effect. It and the SLEEP box both use similar ingredients as the CALM box.

The SLEEP box lies on the lower end of the box’s spectrum of effects, but this does not mean it is the least useful. In fact, many will attest it is by far the most useful of the three boxes, given that a solid night’s (melatonin-free) sleep has been shown in innumerable studies to play a significant role in mental and emotional health as well as physical well-being. Anyone who experiences restlessness or insomnia during the late hours can rely on these tablets to help them wind down in a completely healthy manner. Synergia adds that it produces a sleep so stable that even light sleepers will note a reduction in the number of times they awaken randomly during the night.

When Synergia speaks of ‘3rd generation magnesium, they refer to a unique substance that has high-bioavailability and digestive tolerance, unlike more common variants of magnesium that are known for producing unwanted effects, such as a laxative response. The company has also long believed that the benefit offered by their primary ingredients should not be undone by the inclusion of subpar additions, so all of their products are both non-GMO and free of carcinogenic additives (such as titanium dioxide).

Synergia has long been a trusted brand around the world, partly due to them having the top stress-relief supplement in France for 25 years. Any of their products can be conveniently ordered through the company’s official website, and Synergia looks forward to connecting with fans of their work. Find them here:


For more information about synergia, contact the company here:

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