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The effective therapy and expert treatment team at Alter Behavioral Health inspired a former patient to praise his “dream” experience in a five-star review.

This place is hands down amazing,” wrote Nate, the former patient. “The therapists are hands down the best therapists I have ever worked with. Getting treatment here is a dream. Most places do not feel comfortable but this place felt like my home away from home and the food is amazing as well.”

Mental Health Services Irvine California

Nate found relief from mental health issues at Alter Behavioral Health’s facility in Irvine, California. Like its nearby facility in Mission Viejo, the Irvine location offers residential treatment of primary mental health conditions, including attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicide ideation and borderline personality disorder. Outpatient and crisis intervention is also offered in Laguna Beach and San Diego.

Treatment is delivered by a team of therapists and clinicians who work closely with each client in a collaborative process to analyze needs and design a treatment plan that will give the best options for a successful journey to recovery. This means following current thinking in mental health treatment, which takes a holistic approach: treating the person, not their condition.

This means treatment must address both body and mind. The treatment plan is aligned with the individuality of each person’s journey toward healing. Treatment follows a unique holistic paradigm that categorizes each person’s wellness into six dimensions: emotional, psychological, social, physical, spiritual and occupational. It’s the therapist’s job to help the client understand how tending each dimension in themself and others can help them to lead a more fulfilling life.

A core philosophy driving every treatment plan is the importance of an accurate diagnosis. It seems evident that treatment must be based on a precise understanding of what to treat, but human error and reliance on outdated research have led to many inaccurate diagnoses. For instance, a therapist may hold gender stereotypes that lead to incorrect assumptions, which in turn lead to erroneous diagnoses. At that point, the chance of success is greatly diminished – like trying to treat a broken arm when someone has a broken leg.

The physical setting of the Alter facility is a critical part of this holistic approach. Rather than the stark, drab furnishings and décor usually associated with mental health treatment centers, Alter has designed its residential facility to be serene and calming – more like a sanctuary than a clinic. Here, patients and therapists can explore, understand and resolve the issues that brought the patient to treatment. The facilities include stunning common areas where patients can relax and watch TV, with balconies affording peaceful views of the surrounding countryside. Patient accommodations feature excellent lighting, comfortable beds and clean, accessible bathrooms.

And, as Nate pointed out in his review, the food is amazing, too.

Comforts like these are part of a well-founded therapeutic strategy, enabling the client to focus on their recovery in a setting where they are respected and treated with dignity.

Patients continue receiving care even after residential treatment ends, thanks to Alter’s virtual mental health platform, Mindfuli. It’s a virtual program designed to provide various mental health services for clients and give support to family members. Clients begin using the platform upon admission to Alter and are paired with care counselors to start using it.

For more information on mental health treatment for one's self or a loved one, visit Alter Behavioral Health or call 888-513-2965.


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