Manhattan child custody lawyer Ryan Besinque ( releases a new article discussing how custody is determined in a New York divorce. The lawyer mentions that one of the most contentious matters during a divorce process is child custody. Both parents will want some time with their children, but this may be hard considering that both parents will have different desires.

“While each parent does have a critical say in child custody matters, especially when they can come together cooperatively to work together toward custodial terms, what the court will always consider, first and foremost, is the child’s best interests,” the Manhattan child custody lawyer says.

Manhattan child custody lawyer

The lawyer explains that in older times, during a divorce process, a mother is usually given child custody. However, this is not the case anymore in the present times. If both parents agree on something that is good for the welfare of the children, then that would be ideal.

Additionally, if both parents are able to agree on what’s best for the child, then they may be able to create an agreement about guardianship. With the help of a child custody lawyer, both parents may be able to create a contract detailing the terms of the custody agreement. If the parents are not able to agree on the terms of guardianship, child custody will be decided by the courts. The court will weigh its decision on what would benefit the child the most.

In the blog post, the attorney explains the considerations that factor into the best interests of the children during child custody negotiations. The best interest of the child is the legal standard for the courts to use during custodial determinations. Regardless of the couple’s decisions, the judge will see to it that the child’s best interests are taken care of before they approve a child custody agreement.

Furthermore, attorney Ryan discusses that every family’s circumstances are different so joint custody is usually the most advantageous for the children’s well-being. Joint custody may be able to minimize parental conflict and competition since it requires both parents to work together for the children’s benefit.

Lastly, child custody lawyer Ryan Besinque encourages parents to seek the guidance of a skilled lawyer when it comes to custodial decisions. Having an experienced attorney may be able to help in negotiations and help work toward a mutually beneficial resolution.

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