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Santa Ana California, based addiction treatment center, Trust Socal knows a thing or two about dual diagnosis treatment. In fact, a previous patient left a glowing 5-star review based on his experience with the mental health and addiction treatment center.

Davil had this to say, "Let me tell you - alcohol detox is no joke and you do need real experts to handle it properly. Thankfully, these guys are the ones who actually care, so you will definitely get the most from your needs in no time at all."

Addiction Treatment Center in Santa Ana California

Trust Socal is aware of the growing rate of mental health issues in America and is dedicated to providing world-class mental health and addiction treatment therapies, right in their hometown of Santa Ana. Residents from all over California and the United States are finding positive results during their treatment.

Post Covid-19, Americans are said to experience higher levels of anxiety, feelings of dispair and loneliness. These are often triggered for relapse for people in recovery. Readers that need to seek treatment again are encouraged to follow any links in this release to learn more about Trust Socal's treatment options.

Committed to providing quality care with a focus on patient holistic healing, Trust Socal is on track to become one of the fastest-growing addiction treatment centers in California.

Readers who might be interested to learn more about what makes Trust Socal different when it comes to their treatment of mental health and addiction treatment are encouraged to follow any of the links in this release.


For more information about TRUST Socal, contact the company here:

(657) 231-6200
1651 E 4th St #120, Santa Ana, CA 92701


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