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Method Seven would like to talk about their line of high quality ultra runner eyewear. Method Seven produces quality eyewear for a variety of applications, and their specializations include glasses for pilots as well as professionals who spend a great deal of time in grow rooms. Their glasses are made using the highest quality materials and modern manufacturing methods.

Having identified another market where their technological acumen would be appreciated, Method Seven’s ultra runner glasses aim to redefine the eyewear industry for runners. As with their other products, the company is committed to producing glasses for runners that offer a level of functionality and reliability that is rarely found elsewhere.

“Did you know that the eyes are part of the central nervous system,” says Method Seven. “It is the only part of the brain that is exposed. It’s responsible for the integration of subconscious commands throughout the body. Trail runners are hindered by lenses that inhibit sight and provide inadequate UV protection. Our eyes deserve the highest-quality optics so that we can see every obstacle along the way. Our mission is to protect your eyes and enhance your experience. To succeed we need you; the trail runners, the adventurers, the people who breathe life into this sport, to be on our team. Join the Innovation Project where we use cutting-edge data science to optimize peak running performance in real-time by tracking individual metrics across the duration of a run including latitude, longitude, elevation, time, mileage, UV exposure, weather and more. We leverage this critical data to assess the atmospheric experience of runners and better understand the range of risks and effects of UV light.”

The Method Seven Ultra Trail team analyzes important information from runners in order to determine what it is that impacts runners most and use that information to create innovative solutions for runners. M7 Ultra Trail HD, their new collection of eyewear developed using the above method, will take into account the data and the specific needs of runners. Wearers will also receive training tips developed by Cat Bradley and Dean Karnazes, a pair of pro ultra runners, based on their individual data.

Method Seven’s innovation project is all about understanding the needs of trail runners, their environment, the duration and frequency of their runs and other factors. This will ensure that they are in a position to constantly improve the trail running experience for runners as a whole. The innovation project is one of the many ways in which Method Seven stands out compared to other manufacturers of glasses, and their products will only continue to improve as the innovation project continues.

Method Seven places great emphasis on providing comfort, clarity and safety. The eyewear manufacturer says, “We are a collaborative group of scientists, engineers and problem-solvers looking to unlock the potential of human vision by mastering the spectrum of visible light. We got our start creating eyewear solutions for people in some of the world’s most extreme visual situations, such as growers with prolonged exposure to high-wattage lights and pilots traveling at mach speeds. We soon realized that the eyewear we were creating for these extraordinary circumstances could help everyday folks see better as well. The result is the best of German, Italian and Japanese engineering, strung together with good old American ingenuity. Our eyewear helps you see better, but it also makes you look better. That’s because great design is innately beautiful. Function is fashion. We look forward to continuing to push, question and explore. Better frames, better lenses, better eyes. And as we like to say: Vision Above All. Let us know if you have any questions. We love talking about what we do.”

Method Seven, in addition to their lightweight sunglasses for ultrarunners, has a wide range of high-end products to choose from. For information on Method Seven’s products, philosophy and policies, visit the company’s website. They have been the premier supplier of quality eyewear in a number of fields for a long time, and they are always looking to improve the quality and effectiveness of their products. Get in touch to purchase a pair of high-end ultra runner glasses from Method Seven.

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For more information about Method Seven, contact the company here:

Method Seven
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