Ramsey, MN - Mid America Fence Supply, a family-owned and operated fence supplier is committed to providing the best solutions and pushing the industry forward. They are proud to announce their latest innovation, the “No Dig Solution”. This approach is ready to transform the way that small and medium-sized contractors operate by providing an efficient and cost-effective way to still get top-notch results.

The traditional fence installation approaches are labor-intensive and time-consuming. This makes it extremely difficult for small and medium contractors to be competitive with larger corporations. The “No Dig Solution” changes the game. Mid America empowers smaller contractors to complete projects with minimal disruption, reduced cost, and a faster turnaround time by providing the materials and tools for this new solution. Their website lays out all the details of the materials and tools necessary to start this installation approach.

The “No Dig Solution” allows for smaller and medium-sized contractors to provide their customers with advanced fencing materials. Mid America’s inventory of fence supplies is specifically designed to be the most durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing products. They are able to withstand weather of all conditions and have long-lasting performance meaning customers will be happy with the final product for years.

Part of Mid America’s commitment to empowering smaller contractors to become competitive with larger corporations means providing everything necessary for this solution to take flight. They have specialized tools that are meant to make the “No Dig Solution” easy to implement without the need for extensive excavation of traditional fence installation. It minimizes the disruption of the landscape and makes the project labor costs less, keeping both contractor and customer happy.

Mid America always has their customers in mind. That’s why the "No Dig Solution" is guaranteed to be more sustainable than traditional fencing installation procedures. This solution minimizes the ground disturbance and reduces the carbon footprint that is associated with traditional concrete installation methods. Contractors using this solution contribute to a greener future and the construction industry’s overall goal of embracing more sustainable practices.

For smaller contractors, it can be difficult to take on multiple projects simultaneously because of the long time commitment to each installation. Mid America’s “No Dig Solution” cuts the installation time to a fraction of what it was originally. This means more projects for contractors without sacrificing product quality and customer satisfaction, meaning more business growth for them. With the cost-effectiveness of the solution, contractors make better profit margins by reducing overhead and labor requirements.

The “No Dig Solution” is set to revolutionize the fence installation industry, and Mid America is prepped and ready to lead the way. By providing the materials and tools to small and medium-sized contractors. This solution is poised to become the go-to choice for all contractors looking to make a lasting impact with their installations.

About Mid America Fence Supply: Mid America is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the fence installation industry. They are committed to excellence and sustainability in both their tools and products supplied to contractors. They strive to empower small and medium-sized contractors to become more competitive in the industry by providing cutting-edge materials/tools to enhance efficiency and reduce labor and product costs, all while delivering outstanding results.

For more information about Mid America’s “No Dig Solution” and their range of products and tools available, visit their website or call them today at 612-540-0409.


For more information about Mid-America Fence Supply, contact the company here:

Mid-America Fence Supply
(612) 682-2187
6390 McKinley St NW,
Anoka, MN 55303


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