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Sacramento, CA – Nature's Rise, a leading provider of natural home health remedies and products, has completed a university-accredited study that reveals the surprising benefits of combining warm mist humidifiers and functional mushroom tea for cold and flu prevention. The groundbreaking research was conducted by Dr. Sony Sherpa, MD, in collaboration with Nature's Rise CEO David Longacre.

According to the study, using warm mist humidifiers and functional mushroom teas such as Chaga and Reishi can help reduce the risk of catching a cold or flu. In addition, the results found that when used together, these two methods proved to be more effective at reducing symptoms than either method used alone.

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The study was conducted over six months to observe any long-term effects of the treatments. The participants were randomly divided into two groups: one group received mushroom teas and humidifiers, while the other group received just humidifiers.

At the start of the trial, each participant was asked to monitor their symptoms daily and report any changes they felt. This assessment process continued until the end of the study period. At the conclusion of the research, those who had taken both treatments experienced significantly fewer days with cold or flu-like symptoms than those who had only used humidifiers. This result suggested that an additional course of therapy with mushroom teas could reduce the overall prevalence of cold or flu-like symptoms in individuals over time.

"We were thrilled with the results of our study," said Nature's Rise CEO David Longacre. "It is clear that using these methods together is an effective way to fight off common cold and flu viruses without relying on harsh drugs or supplements. We look forward to continuing our research into this area so that we can provide even more natural solutions for people looking to maintain their health."

Nature's Rise is dedicated to providing natural solutions for healthy living and constantly strives to create safe, all-natural, and effective products. This latest study is yet another example of their commitment to finding ways to improve overall health without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

Nature's Rise is a health and wellness company based in Sacramento, California, specializing in natural remedies and products promoting healthy living. They are committed to creating all-natural, safe, and effective products while providing valuable education on how to use them properly. To better understand the company's mission, consider visiting its website at


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