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Interview Kickstart (IK), a company in Santa Clara, CA, continues to surpass the expectations of its students. In addition to its 263 highly positive reviews on Google My Business, where the company has been rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars, Interview Kickstart received its latest stellar review from Jaime Lichauco, who was very grateful for the course that helped him join Google. To learn more read the Yahoo Finance article.

He said, “Thanks to Interview Kickstart, I was able to get an offer at Google! All of the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. While I was preparing for my interviews, watching all of the foundational videos, classes, practice problems, and test questions really helped me. I was able to refresh my knowledge with these videos and refer to the class recordings whenever I had any confusion. Even while working at Google, I continue to look back at my notes and do the practice problems just to keep myself interview ready at all times. Overall, this program was really well put together. It is what a lot of people in the industry need to use to maintain and refresh their skills. Kudos to Soham and the team for creating this great program.”

Interview Kickstart Reviews Costs 2023

IK’s spokesperson said, “We also upgrade our courses regularly to keep up with the latest trends and developments in technical interviews. Our free informational webinar, which is held multiple times a week, will give you a clear picture of which program and path works best for you.”

The cost of the course will depend upon a number of factors, such as the chosen domain, the experience and target role of the student, the pathway chosen, and the payment method. The company wants to remind students that the course cost is not really an expense but an investment because the course offers a significant return on investment, with IK alumni receiving an average salary increase of 66.5% in 2021.

There are two types of programs, the interview prep program and the SwitchUp course. The interview prep courses are customized for 18 different tech domains, including backend engineering, full stack engineering, machine learning, data science, engineering management, technical program management and business analysis. They are designed to help students clear the toughest interviews for tech roles at FAANG & Tier 1 companies. There are 2 kinds of interview prep courses - the flagship LevelUp courses with weekly live classes with FAANG hiring managers, and StepUp courses - which are accelerated courses of 2-3 months duration for those looking to interview in the near future. The Switch Up programs are designed to help tech professionals switch their careers into in-demand roles like AI Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at top tech companies. For more information read

Established in 2014, Interview Kickstart is a different kind of school that specializes in developing courses that can prepare students for their interviews when trying to apply for a technology job and that can help students switch their career to in-demand roles like AI/ML. Students are guided on what they need to do to prepare for their interview in a way that will help them get a job in a technology company, advance their position in a company, or transfer to a technology role in their company. IK has already assisted more than 15,000 experienced engineers due to its proven technique for helping students fully comprehend the core fundamentals of their profession. Comprehension of these core fundamentals is frequently used as a way to evaluate the technical knowledge of engineers in job interviews. IK can also provide advice to engineers on how they should present themselves on their LinkedIn profiles and resumes. That the courses offered by IK are truly effective has been demonstrated by its alumni receiving important job offers from FAANG and Tier-1 technology companies, with salaries improving by a range of $75,000 to $200,000 for those who level up.

Those who would like to enroll in the interview preparation courses can go to the IK website at


For more information about Interview Kickstart, contact the company here:

Interview Kickstart
Dashrath Rajpurohit
+1 415-888-9207
4701 Patrick Henry Dr Bldg 25, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States


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