New Jersey prescription drug attorney Adam M. Lustberg releases a new article explaining New Jersey laws regarding the illegal possession and distribution of prescription drugs ( According to attorney Lustberg, it is illegal to be in possession of controlled substances such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines without a valid prescription. Distribution of such controlled substances without a valid medical license is also prohibited under the law.

Due to more powerful and increasingly addictive narcotics entering the marketplace, illegal narcotics use and abuse cases have been rising. Only licensed professionals can issue prescriptions for controlled substances and, even then, the drugs should be used for legitimate medical reasons.

New Jersey Prescription Drug Attorney

According to the New Jersey prescription drug attorney, “Often, prescription drug addiction begins innocently when a patient is legally prescribed a narcotic such as Xanax or Vicodin and then becomes addicted to it. When the patient no longer has a legitimate reason to receive an additional prescription, they may begin to illegally obtain the painkiller. The illegal conduct could include changing doctors, called “doctor shopping,” and pretending that the person has a medical issue in order to obtain a narcotic prescription. By switching doctors, the abuser goes to different providers, hoping their abuse goes undetected.”

Penalties for violating prescription drug laws in New Jersey depend on the number of dosage units purchased and whether the authorities believe there is an intent to sell, distribute, or traffic the narcotics. Charges for knowingly possessing a controlled substance without a prescription in the amount of four or fewer dosage units are equivalent to a misdemeanor. A conviction could result in 6 months in prison and $1,000 in fines. With intent to distribute, the charges increase to a 4th-degree felony.

“Those who abuse prescription drugs typically begin as law-abiding citizens who never intended to illegally use prescription opioids. Unwittingly, when these individuals become addicted and their physician will no longer prescribe the drug they crave, addiction often escalates to criminal activities such as forgery, fraud, or buying illegal prescription drugs from unlicensed traffickers. We understand and have compassion for your predicament,” the defense attorney explains.

Attorney Lustberg expresses that instead of a prison sentence, treatment programs focusing on rehabilitation and coping are necessary. These programs also lessen the chances that an individual charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs would re-offend.

Lastly, attorney Lustberg emphasizes that a charge for illegal possession of controlled substances can drastically impact a person’s life. It is important to get the help of a qualified New Jersey criminal defense attorney to ensure quality legal defense.

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