Mequon, WI based Blingle! of North Milwaukee is pleased to share that their team is currently taking on new clients. Blingle’s services and expertise are always in hot demand, and clients who wish to set up the ultimate lighting display for upcoming seasonal events or celebrations are encouraged to get in touch today to begin planning and scheduling. See more here: Visit Company Website.

Those who believe they are unfamiliar with the company’s work will swiftly realize that the lighting contractor’s projects may be far more prevalent than previously assumed. This is due to the fact that Blingle works with a wide range of clients from across the region, including homeowners as well as businesses, large and small. Their outdoor lighting projects come in all varieties as well, with the company being more than willing — and capable — of installing virtually any layout the client desires.

“We are often quite busy during the end of the year,” the company points out, “because everyone wants to outdo each other during Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s and so on. We can always set up lighting that spans your entire property, if that is what you wish, but sheer size alone won’t be enough to turn heads! We try to help clients express their creativity instead. This is especially true if the property in question is your home; we always suggest that the final design represents the client’s personality in some way.” See more here: Visit Web Site.

These installations are temporary, and Blingle says the client is free to designate exactly how long they want their lights to be up. During Christmas, for instance, many tend to have installations that remain only for a few weeks, though the client is welcome to keep them for longer or shorter periods if they so wish. The company will handle both installation and removal on the designated dates, and the client need not worry about their lights again.

Creativity and personality are vital components in other situations as well. Blingle handles installations for many types of events, including celebrations like birthdays and weddings. These are deeply personal moments that deserve to be thought out well in advance, and they similarly deserve the best outdoor lighting available. In their field, the company is accustomed to witnessing the dramatic effect lighting can have on an event’s mood and theme, and this means they are always cognizant of the client’s ultimate objective during the design and installation phases.

“If you have a wedding planned this year,” the company adds, “you may still have time to plan a beautiful display that emphasizes the occasion and makes it a memorable highlight. This is especially true if the majority of the event is expected to run into the darker hours. Don’t take chances on flash photography, talk to us and make sure both you and your guests are illuminated correctly. We can also work with the existing landscape and architecture of your venue to produce a magical backdrop that brings life to all your photos.”

Blingle is widely known for their team’s commitment to customer service. The company has worked hard to build and deliver what they call ‘the Blingle experience,’ and this essentially means the client always has a professional’s support and advice at every step of the way. They are welcome to be as involved as they wish (and the company tends to encourage more involvement as this leads to higher client satisfaction). Their preferences are always taken into account during the design phase, and there is ample opportunity for refinement leading up to the installation.

In addition to holiday and event lighting, Blingle also handles landscape and patio lighting as well as a range of other permanent solutions. They exclusively use the best products on the market, so every bulb is notable for its brightness, efficiency and longevity.

To be certain an upcoming project or event receives the lighting it deserves, clients are invited to contact Blingle today and begin designing their next installation. Those interested may find the company at their Mequon address or reach out via phone or email.


For more information about Blingle! of North Milwaukee, contact the company here:

Blingle! of North Milwaukee
10650 N. Baehr Rd Suites G-H, Mequon, WI, 53092


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