New York City divorce lawyer Richard Shum ( releases a new article explaining the four ways to put kids first in a divorce process. The lawyer mentions that divorce can be hard, especially when children are involved. Children can make the whole process more emotional and tense for the parents because of matters such as child custody and visitation.

According to the New York City divorce lawyer, “One of the reasons many couples get divorced is because the fighting and disagreements never seem to end or get resolved. When the topic of divorce is broached, it’s normal to feel upset. However, if you feel like your emotions will turn into aggressive anger, make sure your children aren’t present for that conversation.”

New York City divorce lawyer

The lawyer mentions that to protect the emotional health of the children, it is important that arguments are kept behind closed doors. By doing this, children can feel less anxious about the changes to the family dynamic. If the children are also not able to see the parents argue, they can be more assured that they will be able to trust both parents.

Attorney Richard Shum says that parents should also have an honest discussion about the changes with their children. Disturbing a child’s routine can cause them to develop anxiety. It is important that both parents schedule time with their children so that they would feel secure with both parents. Parents should also allow their children to express themselves.

In the article, attorney Shum adds, “Trash-talking your spouse or seeking emotional support shouldn’t be directed at your children. While it’s okay to cry together and talk about your feelings, do so in a way that makes your child feel supported, not the other way around. Your children are already feeling like their foundation is being shaken, so adding any extra stress would be detrimental to your kids’ emotional well-being.”

Lastly, the divorce lawyer emphasizes that having a divorce lawyer can help the couple ensure they have the legal support they need when it comes to divorce matters. A skilled attorney can help the couple draft their agreements and make sure that the agreement is legally enforceable.

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