The Saorsa Swift Microwave Treatment System, a treatment method that removes warts without freezing, is now available at the Ankle & Foot Associates of Northern Michigan. Readers can find out more about the Northern Michigan podiatrist by heading over to the clinic’s website at the link:

Plantar warts are hard, grainy growths that appear on the heel or other load-bearing areas of the feet. They are caused by HPV (the Human Papilloma Virus). Plantar warts can cause tiny cuts, breaks, calluses, and small, rough lesions on the bottom of the feet. A person who is suffering from plantar warts may complain of tenderness when walking or standing for long periods, affecting their ability to perform their duties at work or everyday chores. Though they are not a major health concern, they impede one’s quality of life and it is advisable to reach out to a podiatrist to have them examined and removed.

The traditional way of treating plantar warts involves the use type of cryotherapy where liquid nitrogen is used to cause a blister to form around the wart. The dead tissue then sheds off in as little as a week. Cryotherapy methods sometimes require local anesthesia and usually cause damage to the surrounding tissue. Other methods for treating warts include the use of salicylic acid, the use of immunotherapy agents administered via injection, electrocautery, lasers, and finally, excision via surgery.

Saorsa Inc, a medical equipment manufacturing company from Seattle, Washington, launched the Swift Microwave Treatment System for treating plantar warts in January 2019. The microwave therapy method, which uses the company’s proprietary and unique technology, is considered by many to be a game-changer in the treatment of plantar warts. It has been lauded by podiatrists across the United States and is set to disrupt the podiatry market in the country. Ankle & Foot Associates of Northern Michigan has announced that it is using the company’s flagship product to offer its clients a new way to get rid of painful warts without resorting to freezing.

The Swift Microwave System is a surface-based device intended for the coagulation of soft tissue during non-invasive procedures. It uses the unique properties of microwave energy to increase tissue temperatures to target the root cause of the issue. Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose to a pre-determined depth into the skin. As microwaves travel to a pre-determined depth, they don’t break the surface of the skin and are harmless to the tissues from the point of application unlike cryotherapy, salicylic acid, or laser ablation. Research using the Swift device has shown no evidence of scarring, with patients reporting low post-procedural pain. The microwaves are produced inside a unique, compact generator with a simple user interface to allow a quicker treatment set-up. The microwave therapy also produces no smoke, plume, or smell resulting in a cleaner, safer alternative.

The staff at Ankle & Foot Associates of Northern Michigan issued a statement about the services that it provides that says, “Our goal is always to provide you with the most comfortable office experience possible. The podiatrists provide each of our patients with the information they need to make good choices about their foot and ankle care. We also specialize in foot care for diabetics and custom orthotics. So, if you are looking for a foot and ankle doctor in Northern Michigan, we invite you to call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to getting you back on your feet with professional podiatry care.”

Ankle & Foot Associates of Northern Michigan offers treatment for conditions such as ingrown toenails, Plantar Fasciitis, sprains, fractures, sports injuries, ulcers, tendonitis, neuroma, callous & corns, warts, bunions, hammertoes, routine nail care, diabetic nail care, flat feet, and gout. The clinic can be contacted at (989) 275-3668 for inquiries and booking appointments. Readers who want to keep up with news and announcements from the Northern Michigan podiatrist can follow the clinic on its Facebook page at the link:


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