Northland Fence, founded and based in Minnesota, recently posted a blog discussing how community leaders can find a fencing company that fits the needs of their community. With their expertise in the field and over 15+ years of experience, they wanted to address some common questions that subdivision residents and owners commonly ask about fencing.

The goal of this blog is to highlight some of the pros and cons of having a vetted and approved fencing company for the community as a whole. Not only could it help standardize the style of the community, but it would also give residents peace of mind knowing that they have a reliable company right at their fingertips.

“We are happy to work within the parameters of a homeowner’s association when it comes to fencing. We can help find a fence that offers a secure and uniform look, while not cutting back on quality or appearance,” Northland Fence assures. They aren’t just concerned with the HOA leaders, however, they also address the questions of the residents of HOAs. “When it comes to fencing within a community, many HOAs will have specific designs or styles that a person can choose from for their property. Some of the restrictions can relate to height, durability, appearance, and even privacy or visibility… While HOAs can differ from community to community, more often than not the fence is owned by the individual that owns the property.”

Another common concern they address regards model homes. Property owners want to make sure they look nice while reflecting the true options available to future owners. New homeowners also want to make sure that they get to see what their options are. Northland Fence explains they’re happy to work with their community to help ensure their model homes truly showcase the fencing quality and styles available to that community.

Northland Fence goes on to explain another pro of partnering with a fencing company for a community. There are many regulations that are unique to each township and county regarding fencing. With their knowledge base, Northland Fence will handle all of that for their customers. “This is our job, and we’re happy to help ensure anything you decide to do is within the laws of your area. If you decide to work with us to install the fencing for your properties, we will always ensure that they are within code while still being up to the standards you desire.”

Since it was established in 2004, Northland Fence has earned the trust of Minnesota residents who praise the company’s wide range of fencing options, affordable pricing, quick and hassle-free installations, and customer service. The company boasts a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating on its Google Business Profile from over 140 reviews. Moreover, in 2022, Northland Fence was a gold winner for the Star Tribune's reader’s choice for Minnesota's best fencing company.

The company offers customers a choice between several materials including chain link fences, vinyl fences, and ornamental wrought iron fences. Some of the benefits of working with Northland Fence include its 10-year labor warranty, a limited lifetime material warranty on vinyl fencing, and a 15-year material warranty on ornamental steel fencing.

Readers in Ramsey and Apple Valley can contact Northland Fence at (763) 265-7180 to find out more about the company’s wide range of fencing materials and services, or to book an appointment.


For more information about Northland Fence, contact the company here:

Northland Fence
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