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Pathfinders Recovery Center, based in Scottsdale, AZ, has recently released a trio of resources designed to highlight their suitability for men in the area who are struggling with an alcohol or substance use disorder. In one article, they focus on the provision of rehab for drugs in Scottsdale for evidence-based care for men who require detox and inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. In another article, they focus on the services offered by sober living homes in Scottsdale, and in the third article, they highlight their convenience and skills for treating men in the greater Tucson metropolitan area for alcohol use disorders.

Drug addiction or substance use disorder (SUD) is considered to be a chronic illness that requires immediate medical intervention. Unfortunately, those who are struggling with an addiction often find it difficult to reveal or discuss their drug use because of the social stigma attached to it, which means they usually don’t know where to get the treatment that they need. But getting treatment in a drug rehab facility offers the best opportunity for getting rid of their addiction.

An overhead view of the community shows the promise of drug rehab services in Scottsdale with Pathfinders Recovery

The substance abuse treatment offered at the Pathfinders Recovery Center is a premier treatment program for men in Scottsdale. It is important to note that a single session will rarely be successful because addiction is a chronic disease that is prone to relapse. And most clients will need a combination of various kinds of therapies and regular monitoring. Some of the most effective methods for treating drug addiction are: treatment medication; behavior therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or contingency management; and a combination of behavioral therapy and medications. And drug treatment programs can either be inpatient or outpatient. The inpatient program offers the advantage of helping the patient avoid stressors, enablers, and triggers that may cause them to relapse. Thus, those with severe SUDs are often advised to choose inpatient programs. Meanwhile, the outpatient programs allow patients to continue with their work or schooling while undergoing treatment. There are three types: outpatient treatment; partial hospitalization programs; and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Meanwhile, they also offer Scottsdale sober living homes for men who need addiction aftercare. After care consists of follow-up or ongoing treatment for substance abuse after the client has completed a drug rehab program. Its primary goal is help: maintain recovery; teach clients how to prevent relapse; and allow clients to enjoy a life with a sense or purpose and meaningful relationship. The sober living home provides aftercare service in a safe and monitored environment. Clients can choose to reside in transitional housing after completing their rehab to prepare them for living in the outside world. While staying in the sober living home, clients are encouraged to remain sober and to comply with stringent guidelines. House managers monitor the residents, supervise drug tests, and make sure residents comply with the rules while offering assistance when necessary.

And finally, with their proximity to Tucson, they can also provide treatment for alcohol use disorders for men residing in the greater Tucson metropolitan area. Whether drinking has been a problem for a short period or for several years, their expert staff are ready to help clients get back on track and put drinking alcohol a thing of the past. They offer various stages of treatment for alcohol abuse: medical detox; rehab and group therapy; and aftercare programs.

Started in 2017, the Pathfinders Recovery Center’s team has over 25 years of combined experience in providing treatment for various kinds of addiction and co-occurring disorders and in helping people get on the path towards recovery. They provide drug and alcohol rehab services at their advanced treatment facilities in Arizona and Colorado, and they have also developed a program that allows clients to learn responsibility, honesty, integrity, hard work, and leadership. With their programs, clients can expect to finally gain the ability to lead a sober life. They equip their clients with a range of tools so that they may have a strong foundation for having an accomplished, clean, and sober life.

People who would like to know more about the services for rehab for alcohol in Tucson and in Scottsdale AZ, including other related services, can visit the Pathfinders Recovery Center website or contact them through the telephone.


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