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Gilbert, Arizona—A woman watched her son struggle with drug addiction for years until he finally found recovery at The River Source. She was so grateful she posted a heartfelt 5-star Google review about the Arizona-based program.   ​​

This treatment center changed our lives,” wrote the mother, Ingrid, recounting the story of her son’s up-and-down journey to sobriety that finally ended in success at The River Source.

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Her son found success through The River Source’s Reclaim Your Life program, which has just one goal: to help its clients discover the best version of themselves and learn how to live their best lives. Its integrative approach is clinically driven but always delivered with honesty, integrity and kindness, focusing on delivering results based on truly effective care.

“My son entered the River Source having been an IV drug user for almost two years,” Ingrid wrote. recounted. “Every day, I had to prepare myself to receive a phone call telling me my son was at the morgue. And then he finally accepted help. He was at the River Source for 30 days. That in itself was a miracle, but I credit the amazing staff, as well as the isolated location.”

The River Source is a fully accredited drug and alcohol rehab center with five locations in Arizona. For more than 20 years, it has been helping addicts heal with a proven approach to substance use disorders and accompanying psychological and emotional conditions. It takes addicts through the entire continuum of substance abuse therapy, from detox to residential treatment and lifetime alumni services. Programs include partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.

Treatment is customized for the individual, but all therapeutic plans provide evidence-based care and take a holistic approach that treats body, mind and spirit as a whole rather than isolating the addiction – which may be only a symptom of a more profound underlying psychological or emotional problem. Led by a medical director who is a naturopathic physician, treatment at The River Source combines the best naturopathic and conventional therapies for optimal treatment outcomes.

Treatment begins with detox, a phase that prepares the body by eliminating the toxins that have built up during substance use. This can include nutritional IV therapy, medication-assisted treatment and non-traditional approaches such as massage, dry sauna, acupuncture, yoga and meditation.

From there, clients move to residential treatment programs, which are separate for men and women. Key offerings include group therapy, individual counseling, family therapy, co-occurring disorders and trauma-informed care; treatment is 12 Step-focused and emphasizes peer support. In addition, pregnant women are placed in a specialized pregnancy program that addresses their unique needs.

Clients experience treatment in a setting that, while not luxurious, is comfortable. Clients can watch TV in detox and residential areas. Facilities include fitness equipment, games and recreational activities.

It worked for Ingrid’s son, but she revealed in her review that the road was bumpy even at The River Source. After completing treatment at The River Source, he continued outpatient care at another facility and relapsed within days.

He returned to The River Source, she continued, “but with a bad attitude towards treatment and being sober. Eventually, he was asked to leave, which would upset most parents, but I knew his actions merited this response.

“Good news . . . he has now been sober for a year.”

“I am in awe and forever grateful to the River Source,” Ingrid concluded. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

For information on Arizona’s premier drug and alcohol rehab program, visit The River Source or call 866-367-6881.


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