Oak Hills Dentistry, based in Spring, TX, is offering a range of teeth whitening services to the community. The clinic’s services include general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and they are always pleased to help patients achieve a more brilliant, beautiful and expressive smile.

Many already visit the dentist in Spring, TX for any issues regarding their oral health, but this is far from the only range of services that are available. While it is important for patients to keep an eye on the health of their gums and teeth, for instance, it is also beneficial for them to have bright smiles that they can show off with confidence. It is incredibly common for people to highlight their smiles as a source of insecurity, but relatively few realize that their dentist has relatively easy, affordable solutions which can help.

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“Brushing and flossing is important for your overall dental health,” states Oak Hills Dentistry, “and everyone knows it plays a role in the brightness of your smile. After all, we still strongly advise patients to take care of their teeth after they have implants, fillings or crowns installed. However, if you find that you are unhappy with your smile, come talk to us. A tooth whitening procedure may be just what you need.”

Tooth discoloration is among the most common cosmetic dental issues that patients have, and it can have numerous causes. A lack of oral hygiene can lead to discoloration, but so can certain dietary choices (when the food or drink in question is consumed on a regular basis). It is also known that smoking stains the teeth, although the clinic has additional recommendations for such cases. For instance, smokers should be aware that their whitening will likely not last as long as a consequence of this habit. Further, whitening treatments can make the tooth more porous (and therefore more susceptible to stains from smoking), so this should be discussed with a dentist during initial consultations.

Oak Hills Dentistry offers two main solutions for teeth whitening: Custom Take Home Trays and the In-Office Zoom Teeth Whitening. Some will prefer the first of these as it allows them to exercise more control over how bright their teeth get and how often they are whitened. The clinic’s dentist, Reagan Smith, DDS, will take an impression of the patient’s teeth and use it to create personalized whitening trays. The impression helps ensure that the tray fits closely to the teeth, thereby preventing whitening solution from leaking into the patient’s mouth. It also ensures the solution is evenly distributed.

The trays need to be worn for a few hours every night for at least two weeks, following which the patient can stop wearing them once their teeth have reached the shade of white they prefer. Dr. Smith will also provide them with a professional-grade whitening gel to use at home.

In most situations, however, Oak Hills Dentistry recommends that patients opt for the in-office procedure when possible. The Zoom teeth whitening technique can brighten a patient’s teeth up to 10 shades from their natural color, though this depends on the extent of the tooth discoloration and surface stains. Despite being an ‘in-office’ procedure, the Zoom technique is uncomplicated, and it is notable for how quickly it produces results. The only unusual part of the procedure may be the LED blue light that is placed outside the patient’s mouth at 15-minute intervals (this treats all the teeth at once).

Whichever option is chosen, patients can expect the highest chance of success when they work with Dr. Smith and the rest of the team at Oak Hills Dentistry. In addition to Dr. Smith’s experience and training, the clinic offers the best staff, procedures and equipment available, thereby ensuring patient’s can enjoy optimal results with minimal risk for tooth sensitivity, tooth enamel damage or other complications.

Dr. Smith is also accustomed to working with patients who have reservations about going to the dentist. Since this is a simple procedure, patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation to learn why there is nothing to fear. Oak Hills Dentistry can be reached via phone, email and social media.


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