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Press Advantage, the premier press release distribution site, has recently published an article on entitled “The Essentials for Choosing a Press Release Distribution Service”. The article is geared toward business owners, investors, and SEO companies interested in learning how press releases are powerful tools for businesses on a number of levels.

“Businesses building their online strategy might view press releases as strictly news media,” Press Advantage. “What they might not realize is that a well-written release, placed on an authoritative news site, can do wonders for a business’s reach, brand strength, and even reputation among readers and industry peers.”

The article breaks down the many ways that press releases distributed on a wide distribution network of news sites, like the one Press Advantage utilizes, can assist potential online customers in finding a company. Search engines place a strong emphasis on reputable news sites because of the trust the public holds for them. For companies deploying a press release, getting their content on such a site will help ensure that the company can establish and maintain trust with potential customers.

“The credibility of news sites on the Press Advantage network not only expands your brand’s reach, but creates that trust between your company and a future customer,” Press Advantage says. “A consistent, trusted voice across all media is a game changer for converting readers into customers and clients. On top of that, we’re consistently growing our network with even more reputable sites every week.”

That wide range of sites on the Press Advantage press release distribution service also does what a traditional press release does well: get media coverage for businesses. According to the company, their distribution network not only includes news sites, but blogs and influencers, on top of the strong media sites that industry peers will also be able to see. These influential sites expose a company’s press release to more of these audiences.

Smaller businesses looking to expand their reach will discover that press releases are a perfect fit not only for announcements of new products and services, but also for establishing their brand. “We’ve found that press releases for new and smaller businesses help them hit the ground running,” the company says. “A steady stream of quality, actionable information to the public will only make your brand stronger.”

Clients can tailor their releases to as wide or as local as they wish. The company says, “Many of our clients find that being as specific as possible when utilizing local SEO can convert customers quickly. Releases at the top of search, on a reputable site, with easy-to-access information will more easily convert.”

One important angle for press releases, according to the company, is reputation management. A well-written release placed on a news site on the Press Advantage network will have a better chance of ranking at the top of a search engine. Poor testimonials or negative reviews will end up being pushed down in results and well be less likely to be seen.

“Our clients have seen fantastic results when their releases hit the top of search engines,” the company says. “Up to 75% of people searching for a particular keyword never make it past the first page. Our releases, written and edited in-house, give our clients those high rankings they need to succeed.”

Press Advantage prides itself on using US-based writers and editors to ensure that every release going to the wire is clear, concise, and actionable for businesses and readers. On top of their stellar writing and editing team, they offer world-class customer support and comprehensive training on their platform.

Press Advantage also employs a robust reporting system that allows clients to see the total reach of their press releases. On top of that reporting, their “Reverse Search” SEO Keyword Tool assist clients in finding the keywords that will get their releases seen.

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