Santa Rosa digital marketing agency, Bonsai Marketing, is a California-based company that continues to impress its clients by helping them design marketing strategies that significantly strengthen their online presence. It’s something that this reputable digital marketing agency has been doing for 25-plus years now. The company does this by using the latest proven online marketing methods and developments to help businesses better connect with people that need their services.

According to the agency’s founder, Bryan Fikes, their track record of success starts with them actively listening to what a client company’s needs and goals are. Fikes says, “We are a company that has been around a long time when it comes to the digital marketing field. You might say that we recognized the importance of digital marketing before it became a ‘must have’ for any modern business to better reach its target audience and grow. Because of this, we learned long ago that digital marketing is far from being a one-size-fits-all business growth task. That’s exactly why we tailor each client’s digital marketing strategy to meet their own needs and dreams.”

Bonsai Marketing is a Santa Rosa Digital Marketing Agency

The company’s founder went on to say that once they meet with a client in person or virtually and figure out what that company’s needs and goals are, they will then get to work coming up with a sound digital marketing strategy for them. This process will take into consideration such things as current analytics on a company and how they now rank in the online search engine process. He stated that once this has been done, Bonsai Marketing then has a wide variety of tools it uses to help any business achieve digital marketing success. This includes the highly successful Facebook and Google Ad campaigns that the company is known for that can better connect businesses with billions of online users. Many times, they will also recommend to a business that it allow them to better customize its website and build into that website much more impactful landing pages.

Bonsai Marketing will also attempt to help a client company significantly increase meaningful online traffic by developing an improved sales funnel for them. Pay-per-click advertising and a wide array of other social media marketing strategies will also be put into play. Fikes mentioned that most of their client businesses are pleasantly surprised about the many ways that their company can strengthen any business’s online presence. He is very proud of their hard-working team of experienced digital marketing specialists that have so far helped generate over 1.2-million leads for the hundreds of clients the 100 plus clients they actively serve. A team the company’s founder says is completely dedicated to moving their client businesses' digital marketing strategies to the next level beyond.

Fikes added, “Bonsai Marketing is pleased to offer a suite of well-designed and proven marketing services, including Google and Facebook Paid Ads Strategy. With our individually tailored marketing strategies that make the most use of our 25+ years of experience in the digital marketing field, we're confident we can help you not only reach your company goals but exceed them as well.”

Those that have worked with Bonsai Marketing to increase their web presence often come away impressed with the results they have gotten. Alden Zuck stated in his glowing review, “Working with Bryan is nothing short of professional and transparent. This isn't just another marketing company; they actually care about your success and what your goals are. If you aren't sure about working with them or not, take the leap - it'll be worth it!” In another 5-star review of Bonsai Marketing, John Evans wrote, “Bonsai Marketing has been handling my business for some time now. Bryan is an absolute pro. He did a deep dive into the service I was receiving from another marketing company... he could see where the shortfalls and gaps were. Then formulated a plan to address them. His analytics of my business needs has been tremendous and I'm thankful to know him.”

Fikes encourages businesses that want to strengthen their online process to reach out to them by phone, email, or by using their website message form.


For more information about Bonsai Marketing, contact the company here:

Bonsai Marketing
Bryan Fikes
(707) 595-0312
Bonsai Marketing
852 Shady Oak Dr
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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