South St. Louis-based Mighty Dog Roofing is a company that has worked hard to establish a solid reputation for the work that they do in and around their area. It’s also a company that like to be as progressive as possible and incorporate the latest technologies into the various roofing tasks that they perform. Evidence of this comes from the fact that they are now taking advantage of advanced drone technology to help them do more thorough roofing inspections for its customers than ever before. A representative of the company, Chris Chancellor, stated, “How often have you heard someone say, ‘it would have been better if I could get a bird’s eye view of that’. This applies to many areas including roofing inspections. Well thanks to the latest in drone technologies, now we can actually get a bird’s eye view of a customer’s roof to help determine if there are any problems with a roof and the best way to go about rectifying those problems once they have been detected.”

Chancellor went on to say that by using drone surveillance they can tell much more about roof conditions and structure than even getting up on the roof itself during an inspection could ever reveal. The advantage of that is they can now be more thorough with the plans they come up with to repair a roof, have even more evidence in the customers favor when it comes to supporting a customer’s insurance claim, and they can also generate more accurate estimates that leave fewer surprises when the final bill is calculated. He mentioned that the use of drones during for roofing inspections has already become a big win-win situation for everyone involved in a roof repair process. It’s helping them solve everything from coming up with a plan to do an entire roof replacement project to reassuring a customer they have no roofing issues at the present time. The company representative added that so far, their customers have responded very favorably to the use of drones during the roof inspection process. John Eichkorn stated, “Great work from start to finish. Jon used drone video footage to help insurance adjustor understand the need for the claim. From there, team installed high-quality roof in one day's time, and cleaned up so all that remained was a new roof that adds to the house. Thank you!” Jason Struttmann proclaimed, “You are in good hands with Mighty Dog Roofing. From the free drone inspection to the super responsive and knowledgeable team led by Chris, you will be well taken care of. I would not hesitate to call them for any future roofing needs, big or small.”

Mighty Dog Roofing of South St. Louis

The company representative was also happy to point out that the knowledgeable services that Mighty Dog Roofing of South St. Louis offers go well beyond roofing projects too. These services include siding repair & replacement, new gutter installations and repairs, and an assortment of window installation services that includes both prefabricated and custom window choices. Those that have used the company’s other home improvement services have been equally impressed with how the work proceeded for them. Janis Chancellor wrote, “My gutter had failed due to storm damage. Mighty Dog recommended a 6” gutter which can carry a lot more water than the previous 5” gutter. Thanks, Mighty Dog for the excellent advice and professional service. I highly recommend this company.” Olivia Chuang-Smith said, “We were incredibly happy with the updates that we received from Jon and Chris who kept us in the loop when there was a delay in fixing some siding on our house. They were always wanting to make sure that we were satisfied with their service. Thank you, Mighty Dog Roofing, for fixing our roof and siding damage!”

All the above-mentioned reviews that were left on this roofing contractor can be seen on their Google Maps Business Listing where they average a perfect 5 out of a possible 5-stars on all their reviews. Those interested in getting a drone roof inspection or learning more about the services that this South St. Louis roofing company offers can get in touch with them by phone, email, or by filling out their website contact form.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of South St. Louis, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of South St. Louis
Chris Chancellor
552 Axminister Dr, Fenton, MO, 63026


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