OK based iFoam Insulation is offering spray foam insulation to the communities of Tulsa and beyond. While the company offers a range of services, including New Residential Construction, Insulation Removal, Air Sealing, Roof Insulation and more, they are currently advising homeowners and businesses to consider having their present insulation solution replaced with spray foam insulation. According to the company, it represents one of the best solutions on the market, and there are many factors that make it stand above the rest.

To begin with, it is important to understand how spray foam combats energy transfer once installed. While the foam itself is a good thermal insulator, the way it is installed serves to drastically minimize air infiltration in a home. In the winter, this means it is harder for cool exterior air to penetrate into the building, thereby maintaining the internal temperature. Notably, this method has a number of additional advantages. The company says that the restricted airflow can also make the internal environment more hospitable for those with seasonal allergies, improve overall air quality (particularly if the area in question is prone to air pollution) and even reduce the prevalence of mold.

However, the company says that the type of material used in insulation should not be the only factor considered prior to installation. Spray foam installation requires a practiced hand to be done right, so it is important to make sure a professional is involved at all times. Fortunately, Tulsa customers can turn to the team at iFoam Insulation for all their insulation needs. The company can supply both the material as well as the expert labor for the task.

Customers who have tried the company’s specialized solutions are already reaping the benefits. As one recent review from Bryan C. says, “iFoam did an amazing job in our attic by replacing blown insulation with iFoam insulation. It has made a big difference in our energy bills and overall comfort inside our home. I recommend iFoam to anyone building a home or replacing old insulation.” The company says that homeowners in particular have much to gain by adopting spray foam insulation given its potential for improving energy savings. More to the point, it is recommended that iFoam Insulation be called sooner rather than later — spray foam is designed to be a long-term solution, and it produces greater savings the longer it is installed. Even a month’s delay can be significant in the right circumstances, so it is best not to wait if the opportunity to upgrade has already presented itself.

Another review from J. Thomas says, “iFoam came and gave me quote the same day I called. The representative was excellent. He explained the whole process and what they would need. My project is a complete rehabilitation of a house that was demoed down to the studs.”

Notably, iFoam Insulation clarifies that each property is different, so spray foam may have to be applied in a tailored manner to provide the maximum benefit. To ensure the service they provide is in line with a home or business’ needs, the company says their team always prefers to begin by undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the property in question. During this inspection, the company will uncover all areas of infiltration and determine how best to proceed. Their recommended solution may involve attic insulation, crawl space insulation, new construction and so on.

Further, the company recognises that many will be unfamiliar with spray foam insulation and how it works. Customers always have the right to ask as many questions as they need, and iFoam Insulation adds that they make it a point to go over every possible option with a customer to ensure they can make an informed decision.


Homeowners, businesses and other parties looking for a spray foam insulation contractor in Greater Tulsa Oklahoma are welcome to contact iFoam Insulation at their earliest convenience. The company makes it a point to follow up with all who reach out, be it via phone, email or social media, and they look forward to helping customers achieve better control over their property’s energy usage.


For more information about iFoam Insulation, contact the company here:

iFoam Insulation
10820 E 11th St B 203, Tulsa, OK 74128


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