Catalina Behavioral Health of Tucson is an Arizona leader when it comes to applying evidence-based addiction treatments to help patients overcome substance abuse. In addition to this residential treatment facility’s highly rated rehab treatments, it also seeks to educate addiction sufferers and the public on important matters regarding substance abuse and the means used to treat it.

A good example of this is the dedicated care providers and clinicians at Catalina Behavioral Health recently released three important resources related to rehab for meth in Arizona. According to a Catalina Behavioral Health spokesperson, meth (which is short for methamphetamine) is a drug that is currently creating an epidemic across the US. With Carolina Behavioral Health being a suitable treatment destination for those struggling with methamphetamine dependency, its team of professionals felt compelled to publish these resources that can help those who want to free themselves from the burden of this type of substance abuse.

A woman with a meth pipe has the need for meth rehab services from Catalina Behavioral Health

The first resource that was released will benefit those who are convinced that finding effective meth treatment options in Arizona is what’s best for them or a loved one struggling with meth addiction. It goes over Catalina Behavioral Health’s effective treatments that can help patients that have come to depend on this powerful and highly addictive stimulant. This resource covers everything from this rehab facility’s detox treatments and secure, welcoming inpatient setting to its follow-up IOP services. These are programs that have made Catalina Behavioral Health a leading choice for meth recovery in Arizona and the Southwest as a whole.

After this, the company spokesperson stated that a complementary resource was also published which is devoted to the difficulties suffered by those undergoing meth withdrawal. In it, their team looks at what it takes to overcome meth withdrawal symptoms along with the mental health issues that often accompany crystal meth use as well as detox. This rehab center’s team knows the importance of addressing all these treatment areas for an addiction sufferer to feel comfortable with seeking help to overcome their meth dependency.

He added that lastly, in another related piece, they have published an article that highlights the serious need for meth detox and withdrawal support. In this newly posted resource, their experts look at why group therapy for substance abuse at their treatment center is so effective, and why this setting can be so beneficial for lasting recovery as well as for making connections with an ongoing and supportive peer group. Also gone over in this piece are such subjects as what is group therapy and the difference between group therapy and a support group. It’s a resource that also talks about how a patient in meth dependency recovery can get the most out of group therapy and the benefits of group therapy sessions for addiction treatment. This Catalina Behavioral Health resource even addressed the question of group therapy possibly being more important than individual therapy.

Those that have sought help from Catalina Behavioral Health with their meth and other addictions often leave very positive reviews of that experience. Aaron Riggs stated, “I would definitely recommend Catalina Behavioral Health for anyone who suffers from substance abuse or addiction. The staff and facilitators are professional and very knowledgeable. They aid recovery by being very empathetic of the struggles and hardships that often accompany addiction and substance abuse. I've enjoyed every conversation I've had with every member here as I continue to gain on my battles with addiction.”

Ryan Fitzharris’s recent 5-star review proclaimed, “First time in a treatment center and it was a great experience. The staff is knowledgeable and caring. The facility is a residential house that is spacious and comfortable. Every day we learned various coping skills and practiced them. All with the goal of arming you to maintain sobriety.”

Catalina Behavioral Health’s spokesperson invited those interested in the power of peer support in recovering from addiction to reach out by phone to their welcoming team for more information on this highly rated rehab center’s treatments and to find out about bed availability.


For more information about Catalina Behavioral Health, contact the company here:

Catalina Behavioral Health
6559 N Oracle Rd
Tucson AZ 85704


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