Santee, California based Unlimited Drilling & Foundations is sharing information about their San Diego foundation repair services. Unlimited Drilling & Foundations specializes in all aspects of foundation repair, slope stabilization and drainage systems and has completed over a thousand jobs since it was founded in 1993.

According to Unlimited Drilling & Foundations, the primary causes for foundation damage and the need for repair in San Diego are inadequate compacted and expansive soils (clay), along with poor drainage and poorly constructed foundations. However, these problems unfortunately do not immediately present with obvious and noticeable symptoms. More often than not, by the time a homeowner will see signs of an issue with their foundation, it is already too late, and the problem has escalated to something more serious.

While the only way to know for certain whether a home’s foundation needs a repair is to have it inspected by a trained professional, there are still a few signs to look out for. The most obvious signs are windows that are difficult to close and doors that stick. Other signs include cracks in the drywall and stucco, most often around doors and windows, and uneven floors. Damage to the foundation can also cause floors to sag or sink in. If a homeowner sees any of these signs, Unlimited Drilling & Foundation says that it is worth having a foundation repair expert come out to assess the situation.

The team at Unlimited Drilling & Foundation have years of experience working with foundations, and providing services that include foundation repair, drilling, drainage, slope stabilization and retaining walls. The company assures that their team is standing at the ready to help any San Diego homeowner who is concerned about the quality of their foundations. According to the company, the longer such an issue is left untended, the worse it will get. While foundation repairs may cost differently depending on the exact nature of the issues, Unlimited Drilling & Foundations strives to offer competitive rates and excellent services.

A representative for Unlimited Drilling & Foundations says, “At Unlimited Drilling & Foundations, our goal is to ensure that the homeowners of San Diego can live their best lives. This means that there is no job too big or too small for our professional team to tackle. We understand that your home is likely the biggest investment you have, so we only use the highest quality materials and tools while repairing your home’s foundation. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and communication to ensure the project is done in a timely manner and on budget. Give us a call today to discuss your foundation repair needs.”

The excellent service provided by Unlimited Drilling & Foundations has earned the company great praise from their clients. Mark Crowley writes in a 5-Star Google review, “We had a significant mudslide last winter, and the repair required building an 80 foot wall across the back of our entire property. I have an office at home and was totally impressed by how hard the workers committed themselves to the job each day. They were all professional, thoughtful and especially grateful for any treats we had for them over the 3 week period. Bottom line, they cut no corners, built an exceptional wall, were great to work with — and we're very satisfied. They know what they're doing, and I highly recommend their work.”

In another review, Mark Skoog says, “Our HOA hired Unlimited Drilling & Foundation for a large bank stabilization project requiring two retaining walls. We could not be happier with the final product. The scope of the project changed a couple times due to engineering and city requirements, and Joe worked with us to minimize the cost impact. Joe and his crew were very creative in dealing with the limited access to the site and working through the rainy season. I would highly recommend Unlimited Drilling & Foundation.”

More information about the full range of services provided by Unlimited Drilling & Foundations can be found at the company’s website. San Diego homeowners who are interested in working with the company are encouraged to get in touch with them via phone or email for any questions or concerns. Unlimited Drilling & Foundations also maintains a presence on Facebook.


For more information about Unlimited Drilling & Foundations, contact the company here:

Unlimited Drilling & Foundations
Unlimited Drilling & Foundations
9565 Abbeyfield Rd, Santee, CA 92071


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