Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. - Warner Robins is a renowned law firm in Georgia that tirelessly works towards obtaining the best possible outcome for clients who have suffered personal injuries. The firm has successfully handled claims for victims of car crashes and other types of accidents resulting from the negligence of a third party. Clients who have been litigated by this law firm often leave positive reviews, praising the firm's all-around approach to handling accident injury cases.

One such review raves about the firm's exceptional communication and the genuine concern they display towards their clients. Akedra Martin states, "This office was very involved in my case from beginning to end. They left no questions unanswered and were always sure to return my phone the very same day. Mr. Mark Pitts and Leigh were awesome and the rest of the staff I didn't get know but I'm sure they are just as great as these two.”

Personal Injury Lawyer Warner Robins

The firm's outstanding qualities include treating clients as family and having the patience to answer any queries that a client might have regarding their case. George Jackson’s glowing review highlights this aspect of the firm, stating, "Mr. Nugent, I am pleased with my experience with your firm. My attorney, Mr. Mark Pitts, was very thorough and professional as he represented me. It was a pleasure doing business with him. I'm sure you recognize him as an asset to your organization. I'd like to take this time to thank you and Mr. Pitts for your services."

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., the founding attorney of the firm, expressed gratitude towards clients who leave reviews thanking his firm for representing them professionally. However, he emphasized that obtaining 5-star reviews is not the firm's primary objective. Rather, the firm's ultimate goal is to restore clients who have suffered physical, mental, or emotional harm due to another person or party's negligence as close as possible to their previous state. He acknowledges that money cannot always compensate for everything, but it can cover medical expenses, lost earnings, and reduce the stress and anxiety that often accompany personal injuries.

Attorney Ken Nugent added that the firm is pleased when clients recognize that his legal team cares about their well-being. While the firm always seeks to obtain a favorable settlement, they are not hesitant to approach a judge for resolution if a defendant or their insurance carrier is being unfair in their settlement offer. The firm conducts thorough accident investigations, whether the injury occurred in a car crash, a slip or fall, a defective product incident, or a workplace injury. Being an experienced and thorough attorney also means seeking adequate compensation for clients, which may include reimbursement of medical expenses, payment for lost wages, compensation for pain and suffering, loss of future income, future medical care expenses, and even punitive damages.


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