US based When We Die is attempting to help people answer age-old questions regarding death and what may happen to them after they pass on. As a Christian website, When We Die seeks to give people room to ask themselves honest questions about their expectations and face their own mortality.

People have likely been seeking answers about death and the possible afterlife since time immemorial, and the answers found by different civilizations and cultures are as expansive as they are varied. Notably, people from greatly differing backgrounds may still find they have something in common when it comes to death; for instance, many are concerned about death. Some believe they are reborn as another person, and others may believe that it is possible to come back as any living thing, including plants and animals.

While it is true that many beliefs and hypotheses contradict with each other, thus invalidating the expectation that they could all somehow be accurate descriptions of what really happens, When We Die points out that one of the most universal constants of these beliefs is the fact that few believe life truly ends at death. In some capacity, the human mind tends to accept that ‘the end’ is only the beginning of another journey. The details regarding this journey may be debatable, but nearly everyone expects their existence to continue in some capacity.

When We Die says it is important for people to ask themselves what happens after death. The unfortunate truth, the organization acknowledges, is that an individual can die at any time — even if they are in the prime of life and are healthy. Accidents, illness and so on can bring a life to an untimely end without warning, so it is up to the individual to be certain of where they stand on the topic before it is too late.

As a result, the best time to explore this fundamental question about the nature of reality, the organization argues, is today. It is especially important given that most concepts of the time after death deal with periods that stretch into eternity, so a day or two (or even longer) spent considering the question is a relatively minor investment to make.

When We Die is currently polling the public in an effort to encourage this introspection. The poll asks a simple question: “What do you think happens when we die?” Several answers are provided, based on the most common responses the team has experienced. Some may choose, for instance, to express the belief that people become angels upon dying, or they may consider their souls bound for either Heaven or Hell. Others may have a less defined sense of the afterlife, describing it purely as a spiritual location about which little can be known.

The poll also allows users to indicate whether they believe death is truly the end. While this may be less common, it is no less valid, and When We Die says acknowledging this possibility is an important first step in anyone’s search for the truth. Similarly, some may prefer simply to avoid thinking about death altogether — When We Die assures that acknowledging this is also a good first step.

When We Die understands that death is difficult for most people to come to terms with, and the organization is extending a hand to anyone who would like to explore their beliefs further or even speak to another person who is interested in their ideas. All are welcome to contact When We Die through email if they have any questions or wish to discuss certain aspects of the poll in greater detail.

Anyone can participate in the When We Die Poll by visiting the organization’s official website. When We Die understands that this self-exploration can cause people some distress, but they encourage everyone to try since the payoff is worth the effort. Answers to the poll are submitted anonymously, and users are welcome to share it with their friends and family to help them start this journey of insight as well.


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