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Toms River, N.J. — Getting the proper care for a substance disorder meant the difference between life and death for one woman whose friend wrote a grateful five-star review of the treatment her friend received at Quantum Behavioral Health Services’ outpatient addiction treatment center. The woman gave high praise to the Quantum staff.

I wish I could leave ten stars for this amazing facility,” Tracey wrote in her review.

Quantum Addiction Treatment Center New Jersey

Quantum Behavioral Health Services is New Jersey’s premier outpatient program for people with substance use disorders involving alcohol and drugs, including prescription drugs, heroin, methamphetamine and benzodiazepines. Its comprehensive programs are provided in a welcoming, secure environment that offers an array of treatment options — from traditional counseling to alternative therapies such as art and music therapy, yoga and meditation. Each patient receives treatment customized to their unique needs. Patients are encouraged to join a 12-step program for support beyond the Quantum facility.

Numerous levels of care are offered, including inpatient treatment, long-term residential care, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient treatment programs, and sober living.

For Tracey’s friend, Quantum offered solutions after a long, fruitless search for help.

“A longtime friend of mine desperately needed help and was unable to find help elsewhere,” she wrote. “They went above and beyond to ensure she didn’t have to wait for treatment and possibly lose her life. She was treated with dignity and respect in her most vulnerable time of need.”

Tracey’s friend was able to find the help she needed because of Quantum’s unique belief in treating the physical, psychological and social components of a substance use disorder, not just the addiction. The staff treats the whole person, knowing that the patient is not just physically dependent on alcohol or drugs. That’s why detox is never enough to promote lasting recovery; it only targets the physical aspect of the condition and not its mental and behavioral factors. This comprehensive approach has allowed Quantum to help thousands of people achieve recovery success.

Forming the foundation of treatment are research-based best practices designated by the American Society of Addiction Medicine: Partial Care, provided during the day; Intensive Outpatient Care, offered before or after the workday, on weekends or in the evening; and Outpatient Care, using therapeutic approaches to recovery and long-term sobriety.

Care is delivered with medical detox facilities, medically sanctioned therapies, alternative treatments, and holistic treatments. Rehab programs are staffed by experienced doctors, therapists and nurse practitioners who have devoted their careers to addiction medicine and helping clients overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Rehab is designed with comfort in mind. The facility features semi-private rooms, a spa, comfortable furnishings and even salon treatments to ensure that clients can recover comfortably. These comfort items aren’t provided to pamper Quantum’s patients but to enhance their sobriety. Quantum believes recovery should not be a difficult time of deprivation and punishment, and knows patients are more open to treatment when their physical needs are met. In addition, a comfortable environment is tangible proof that caregivers truly respect patients and want to help them reach sobriety.

In addition, Quantum provides ongoing communication with family members and keeps everyone involved with the healing process informed and engaged. This is part of Quantum’s core philosophy that recovery thrives when there is hope, trust and connection.

This attitude of total care and respect for the individual puts Quantum Behavioral Health’s quality of care “above and beyond,” as Tracey wrote.

“From the ownership to management to the entire clinical team, they truly care about every human being that walks through their doors. They have undoubtedly saved her life and I am beyond grateful.”

Anyone seeking help with drug or alcohol addiction can visit Quantum Treatment in New Jersey or call 609-993-0733.


For more information about Quantum Outpatient Treatment Center, contact the company here:

Quantum Outpatient Treatment Center
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