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Magnolia, Texas-Based Mighty Dog Roofing is a company that has become very popular to contract with for those in the Woodland area who need roof repair work to be done for them. One reason for this is that the company’s crews have established a solid reputation when it comes to doing roof replacement work. The company co-owner, Bob Welch, says, “It’s no secret that as shingles age and become battered by the rough weather that often appears in our area, their effectiveness slowly gets diminished, and this can lead to roof leaks. At some time as a homeowner, you will even have to have an entire new layer of shingles laid down over your roof. This type of roof replacement work absolutely must be done right to leave your roof looking good and watertight. It makes us very pleased that we have established a reputation for doing whole roof replacement work the right way every time we contract with a homeowner to perform it.”

Welch stated that the whole roof replacement process starts with a thorough roof inspection that is often done using a combination of walking the roof and aerial observation by unmanned aircraft. He says this is the most efficient way to determine the exact condition of a roof and to also assess if there are any structural concerns that need to be addressed as the work commences. It also helps them present the customer with an estimate for the job that is accurate and avoids any hidden costs being added to the project as it goes on. During this inspection, the company representative will also meet with the customer to go over the many different replacement shingle options that are available to them. The company co-owner says this includes highly decorative architectural shingle and thicker shingle types that provide increased durability. He says that once a roof replacement job commences his crews’ pay attention to even the smallest details of the project as they work, and his company will use nothing but the highest rated roofing materials. Each roof replacement ends with a thorough cleanup of the work area and then the company will stand behind its work for years to come.

Mighty Dog Roofing of The Woodlands Area

Mighty Dog Roofing of The Woodlands Area has received nothing but 5-star reviews on its Google Maps Business Listing because of the competent way its crews go about doing whole roof replacements and other roof repair services. Travis Horie stated, “I loved all my interactions with Mighty Dog! Very professional and very customer service motivated. Chandler was the man who helped me through it all and I couldn’t recommend any higher. He talked me through all my options and answered all my questions. Very smooth and painless going through this process. If you need a roof replacement, I am confident Mighty Dog will not disappoint.” J C Davis says, “Bob and Chandler are very knowledgeable and customer service friendly about their business. The whole organization is professional and the work they preform is top notch A+++. Bob stands behind his work and makes sure that everything is done to the customers satisfaction. I would recommend this company and I plan to use them again on other projects.” One customer, Cory Scott, was even impressed that the company uses the latest available technology when assessing the state of a customer’s roof as he proclaimed, “Professional, on time and excellent customer service. They used a drone to show me photos of my roof leaks. This is good because you see the ‘proof’ of what’s going on with your roof. Would definitely recommend.”

The Woodlands area roofing company can be contacted in several different ways to get the roof inspection scheduled that needs to take place before any whole roof replacement work can commence. There are the traditional ways of calling them or sending them an email along with customers now being able to fill out the form that’s found on Mighty Dog Roofing’s website. Welch also mentioned that they perform a wide variety of other types of commercial and residential roof repair services along with doing quality window, gutter, and siding services. Other nearby Texas areas that this reputable roofer serves include Magnolia, Conroe, Pinehurst, Spring, and Tomball.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of The Woodlands Area, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of The Woodlands Area
Bob Welch
5523 Farm to Market Rd 1488, Magnolia, TX 77354


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