And along with the smells of skunk, weed and rotting drug addicts, the sidewalks have added seasonably appropriate pumpkin spice urine.
But, you know, we're not talking about hunting for deer or expired health and beauty products at Dollar General.
You know, those awful people who hold views that make so-called tolerant media elites shriek like you told them their kid's going to a trade school.
The season opened with a direct shot at two women: Lauren Boebert and Kristi Noem, two major Republican gilfs.
On the right, you got Noem and Boebert who are hot as balls and more fun than Joy Behar in blackface juggling donuts on a unicycle.
Anyway, the media act as if it was the worst thing to happen in a theater since the Lincoln assassination.
After all, no one attends musical theater and expects to see a man who's attracted to women.
Apparently, the notion that Noem and former Trump something or other Corey Lewandowski are dating is a matter of international significance.
No offense, but it's weird considering Obama's letters admitting that he fantasized about men were all but ignored by the press.
DONALD TRUMP: I don't even think about it.
Now, for long-time viewers of this show, you may realize that everyone being hunted by the media have one thing in common.
Boebert, Noem, Trump, they were all guests on Gutfeld.

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