A wild AFC North matchup on Monday night resulted in the Pittsburgh Steelers pulling off a fourth-quarter comeback to defeat the Cleveland Browns, 26-22.
It was his first career touchdown, and it couldn’t have come at a better time as the score moved to 26-22 in the fourth quarter.
But Watson didn’t have the late-game magic to bring Cleveland to its first 2-0 start since 1993.
Watson completed a few passes, but wasn't able to find Donovan Peoples-Jones on fourth down near midfield, ending the game in favor of the Steelers.
It's Pittsburgh's first win of the season after falling to the San Francisco 49ers last week, while Cleveland falls to 1-1.
But the Steelers’ first offensive drive of the game didn’t go so well either.
Watson used that second chance to finally get into the end zone, but one of the Browns’ key players suffered a gruesome injury.
Fitzpatrick’s impact on the leg of Chubb caused his knee to bend back awkwardly, and Chubb was in immediate pain.
Pickens finished the game with a game-high 127 yards on just four catches, though Pickett did target him 10 times.
While the Steelers tallied the victory, offense needs to be addressed quickly as Pickett once again struggled.
For the Browns, there’s no sugarcoating how much of a loss Chubb would be, but Ford did well with his chance in the offense.
The Steelers finally hit the road to face the Las Vegas Raiders in Sin City next Sunday night.

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